The cup of wrath is overflowing; the country of the North has angered God, the Elohims, the Angels, and all the powers of creation, in his madness by legalizing sodomy. It remains to unleash the wrath of God and Armageddon with unconventional weapons. Only by the chaste of the Earth, it is possible to sustain life on the planet, since we do not want any more a humanity full of violence, sodomy, theft, and all sorts of violence practiced by the worst people on earth.




According to gregorian calendar it is Monday, August 17, 2015


Says the Venerable Great Messenger from Arrivbajo


Stop the fires of the Earth. Stop volcanic areas of the sphere. Decompress gases from erupting volcanoes on Gaia; be neutralized earthquakes mechanically induced; the seas, stay still in place, do not provoke tsunamis to the shores of Urangea (Earth); winds, stop your furious course; atmosphere, prevent the entry of celestial bodies to areas of this solar system, Petmon and its children I command you to divert your course and continue touring other parts of the cosmos; the light continues, of which we said: Let there be light and there was light. Atmospheres that support Urangea (planet Earth) and other areas of this solar system, with the physicochemical components that make solar power becomes light and heat, do not stop functioning the way we put you when we open passage to the light so there were lit areas, despite it is due time that humanity gives in; I’ll keep secret things to come in the next few hours of the following days.


So the cup of wrath is overflown and scientists from Hecate have set up what The Reaper has told them. Stop Ladies of death! Still do not eat the flesh of the walking on the face of the spheres and here on the face of this earth. Prophets, magicians and announcers of the various theological forms and beliefs that exist in this planet and in others; what you have seen, heard and felt is true, it is true, and it can become fulfilled these days if I want, or can be suspended if the mercy of God makes obey me the forces I have ordered that be still.


Humanity of this earth has deafened, a bad number of countries on earth are provoking the wrath of God. The capital of the world, the country of the North in its madness, angered God, the Elohim, the Angels, and all the powers of creation, by legalizing sodomy; just the chaste of the Earth, women to whom Angels call Eves (females), and so-called men, to whom angels call males, because of them, life on Earth can get to be sustained, because we do not want any more a humanity full of violence, sodomy, burglary, and all kinds of violence practiced by the worst inhabitants of the planet.


The wrath of God is about to unleash, and an Armageddon with unconventional weapons, is ready to be unified, with the force of nature.


Inhabitants of planet Earth, along with Archangel Michael and other cosmic powers, we are between life and death of this humanity, or a percentage of it. If my words are heard and there is power in them, then nothing will happen, or very few things will happen, but if my words are not heard, and these geo-cosmic powers do not obey me, we will see you in a few millennia anywhere in the cosmos. This message is the heritage of humanity.



Be this message issued from this moment onwards to all the face of Earth, do so in the next few hours, in as many languages as possible, and spread the message, not as an alarm for terrorizing; this message is for the beings who have brains and hearts to join our words, so that the earthly and cosmic forces of nature might be appeased, as well as the military forces that would help in triggering this mass destruction, and with your help and the might of God, life continues in full on every parts of Gaia, may this disclosure be fulfilled; and all who have the privilege or the misfortune of hearing these words, make this message a savior privilege.


Sleep peacefully and do the following before going to bed: in a jar or in the most beautiful glass at hand, each member of the family from the newborn children to the elderly who already wants to leave the sphere, each pour in that jar, a tablespoon of water and at bed time each enters their index finger to that recipient with water and bring that finger with water so it lets fall from 1 to 6 drops on the fontanelle or soft spot crown, and have a restful sleep, do this for 15 nights to follow and, when the droplets fall over your head, crown or fontanelle say: gratitude father creator because life goes on and rest. Be on the lookout for the next day to issue more instructions, be this message issued every two hours during these 15 days.



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