Question from Luis Urrutia

“Good day venerable, may the peace, light and wisdom of our father and of our venerable masters be always with your mercy, and may god fill you every day with more wisdom, of which each one of us, may we be able to continue on this beautiful path, i ask your permission for allowing me to address your mercy, but I want to know more about God, life, doctrine, and above all I want one day to have the opportunity to develop wisdom and have the beautiful privilege of being able to speak and give doctrine, and to give you the same opportunity that God has given me.
I greet you with great respect, Luis Urrutia, a being that I am just beginning in this beautiful doctrine, but with so much desire to know more every day, and to be able to have the opportunity to be able to leave the horizontal line. i had the opportunity to receive this magnificent doctrine in El Salvador a year ago, and since they spoke to me and I read the book “Dragons are eternal”, my life began to change, i had never finished reading a book in my life and with this book I did not want to stop reading it, until I finished reading it, I felt that it filled something in my being and because of that my life has changed in a great way, for which I feel so grateful to God and to each brother who has given me portes in this doctrine.
Since I was a few years old I wanted to go to a temple, but I imagined it, as in the movies, with shaved hair and everything that all a young man not common likes, and one of my questions is that I understand that nothing is chance in this life, why is it that always called my attention, the temples, the programs that talk about natural things, the programs that talk about the natural world, even my work is not a common work since I teach martial arts (tae kwon do) I practice it since I was 16 years old and until now I am 31 years old and I have not stopped practicing it, but I have a great responsibility to be a teacher of tae kwon do, in truth there are so many questions that I have.
Your mercy, could you give me a porte or rather give me the light, because where I am there is no source where I could ask many questions, and God gave me the opportunity to be near 2 monks of the temple, who gave me much wisdom because I was a few days among them, and one of my great goals is to go one day to the great vegetable temple sakroakuarius, and I wonder why I had the goodness to be close to them.
Gratitude, from before, for the bearing that you will give me, it will fill me a lot, may God bless you and give you peace, light, wisdom, good money, good health, good speech, long life”
Atte. Luis Urrutia
Reply from Inkihanti
“The light of Urantia that has your vibration, as well as the light of Arthur and the warrior force of Mars: be with the martialists of the world who are seeking the great master ha, those who want to be once again under the teachings of buddhi dharma, master chou li and the other warriors who in these days rise again from the dust of the centuries to fulfill the great commitment to form the ranks of the dragon warriors who are ready to give the most important battle in this humanity, which is to bring the light to the beings who live enslaved in ignorance, in vice, and in the constant loss of the sacred essence of life. The dragons of darkness, our adversaries are already up in arms, alert sentinel, alert!
Venerable being, nothing is by chance, in us operates the principle-law of causality. The cause of all our circumstances is aligned to this call that was written on higher lines.
In these days in the plant temple sakroakuarius one of the great hars, has made the invitation to attend the sacred taoist olympics, and this event is another of the logical actions that are aligned to the causality of summoning the dragons, the martialists, the masters and the great souls that must fulfill their cosmic commitment.
Remember the words of the highest cosmic commander who in this sphere said: “Woe to you if you are not prepared for that day”.
That is to say that we are hearing the call and we must go, like a good warrior. The virtues and the goods that awaken will be those that each one has cultivated for all his existences and the “guide” has the power to open the door for this conscious awakening.
So understand that your mercy is operating this call, from the interior of your beings, as your intuition says it and as your conscience claims it. The hour is come!
I remember the words of the great m. jha kelium Zeus induseus, who said:
“The beginning of the dragons is the fire of the beginning of creation.”
The primeval dragons of the foat-kaos were white! Pure light!
White fire that is the absolute of jha. From the first battle with the dragons of rebellion, battles are spread throughout the creation of the lower orders of the cosmoses. Here on the sphere the dragons are preparing for a final battle.
These are the bastions of the dragons rising again:
Humility, not to violate the conscience, to constantly process the sacred sexual energy, since only this fire keeps it alive, to develop the knowledge that ratifies the wisdom of the dragon, which are: mathematics, which means knowledge and its search; music (muse), which means knowledge without instruction. The laws of this sphere in its forms, measures, masses, weights, etc. have the gift of the apprentice. Discipline, order and obedience to god, to the guide who represents him and to his own conscience.
This call is not only for his mercy, it is for all those who are and should be. However, it is sad that those who should be, are not.
May the light, the sacred Christic fire be in your lives.