It is for my being: KELIUM ZEUS a boldness to promise you; oh my good readers that I will give you a perfect answer to the greatest of the questions that have ever arisen from the dwellers of the earth. A question that surpasses the resonance of the echo of the spheres of all the life of creation. The word of the most eloquent viteria (matter) and the most expert pen in magdus (hands) of the wisest inspired by God and all divine and human knowledge is still too deficient to give an explanation that approaches a perfect answer to What Is Tao?

In the odinic language: or in votan: la: ka: is Te in some polarizations or bipolarizations of words. So that the letter Ka can be read as Ta and the syllable Ta can be read as Ka. The absolute creation before the existence of the forms the primordial base of the creation was in the emptiness of the nothingness. It is: The Chaos.

Within the Chaos: there were the three basic factors of the creation of all that exists in the Cosmos; among them the great principle of the creation of God.

These factors are: ETHER, COLOR and SON that men call sound.

These three foundations of creation in the Odinic language are called TAOS. For KAOS and TAOS are the same.

TAOS being the basic principle of emptiness in the nothingness thus considered by the humans.

Ether being the antiviteria (antimatter) called in profane form antimatter which is the fundasiertal (fundamental) basis of the viteria (matter) because the antiviteria is the basis of the viteria and the one cannot live without the other. The ethereal was found by Einstein in the fourth dimension by the relativity of time and distance and by the pulsating atomic life in the mass. Because the atoms are not in sight of the human eye and therefore are within the etheric which as is known scientifically without the presence of the atom cannot exist the viteria (matter) because the antiviteria is the basis of the viteria and the one cannot live without the other. . Atoms are in the etheric which as it is known scientifically without the presence of the atom cannot exist the viteria (matter) because from the biggest to the smallest is formed by atoms: from the most gigantic sphere of the cosmos; to the smallest microorganism. All live by the atoms that are the mass of the ether. This is the first TAO of the absolute creation of the great KAOS or the great TAOS.

The second TAO of TAOS is COLOR. The color is the distinctive foundation of the light which is inside the electron that conforms the atom. The electron of the atom has in the suns: that is in the solar spheres nine hundred and ninety-nine basic colors (999) and from there come the sub colors.

The electron of the atom in the spheres has six hundred and sixty-six basic colors (666). These six hundred and sixty six basic colors: they exist in the electrons of the atom, are those that depending on the three-dimensional mass that are found produce the colors that exist in nature within reach of the human eye, these colors of viterial density (material) and that are the only ones that the human can see, by sight is not able to see if not only seven (7) basic colors and from them come out the few sub colors that the human eye knows. This is the second TAO of KAOS or TAOS.

The third fundasierto (foundation) exists in the void of nothingness in creation, it is the SON misnamed sound.

Within the atom and as the creative basis of the atom exists the HATHUS which lives within the eleserts (elements) of the atom; very close to being discovered by science without which the atom cannot exist: For this is the basic elesert (element) of all the eleserts (elements) that make up the atom.

The HATHUS is the carrier of all SON within the three-dimensional mass. The HATHUS is the one that at any friction or shock or any vibration produces SON. Without the HATHUS, nature would be a silence of which the human ear does not have the slightest imagination, because absolute silence does not exist anywhere in the cosmos, because all the celestial bodies of creation inside and outside the universes and outside, that is, in the diverses: Everything is formed by atoms and the atoms, as is logical, are formed by HATHUS, within which is the DESIBELIC order of all SON.

In the AHALAS, that is, in the nuclei of the central suns, the SON, as well as in the central suns, the HATHUS has (999) nine hundred and ninety-nine musical sitas (notes), which men call musical notes.

The HATHUS in the spheres keeps within itself (666) six hundred and sixty-six musical sitas.

Without the HATHUS the atom cannot exist and even less the electron that is inside the elesserts (elements) of the atom, that is to say, the electron is another elessert of the atom. Being the same atom the ETHER which is the first TAO of KAOS or TAOS and the color forming electron, the second TAO of KAOS or TAOS and the third TAO of KAOS or TAOS is the HATHUS FATHER of SON: without which the two previous ones cannot exist because the life of them both is in the HATHUS which is the SON and the SON is the verb and from the SON or about the VERB was written in the Sacred Hebrew Bible: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and nothing that was made without him would have been made. The Word was the beginning of God’s creation.

Of the 998 musical quotations of the HATHUS of the suns and of the 666 musical quotations or notes of the HATHUS of the spheres, only seven musical quotations are detectable to the human ear. The human ear is not made to hear more than seven (7) musical notes known to humankind, these three foundations of the absolute creation: ETHER, COLOR and SON, which is what God is theologically. These (fundamentals) of creation have a cosmic acronym.

. The ETHER its cosmic acronym as void is the letter, KA

which corresponds to the spaces that divide the eleserts (elements) of the

atom. These spaces are called by the atomic science called Kelium fields;

which just as they protect the atom so that they do not explode when the elements collide with each other, they also support the spheres or celestial bodies so that they do not collide and are destroyed and as mass its acronym is the T which is the cross that exists in all nature; because every existing form has within itself a cross even in a sphere the equatorial formation of that sphere forms a cross which is a T.The acronym of the second foundation in the cosmic order which is that of the color or the electron of the atom its acronym is = pi which is the acronym of pyramid which universally represents fire because the electron is fire and fire is represented by the pyramid which is the letter A. The third of these 3 foundations for being the largest of all its acronym is the same COSMOS: and the acronym of the cosmos is zero and the number zero is the letter o the zero and the o is equal is the cosmic sphere. The acronym of the HATHUS or of the VERB which is the SON, being thus the acronym of the foundations of creation:That of the ether K which is: T. That of the COLOR is: A and that of the SON is: O, this sublime and divine word being the simvre (name) of God in scientific form thus:




Being the scientific simvre (name) of GOD = TAO.