The creatures that fell into this crime have to pay the crime of suicide because no matter how encouraged they are at the moment, if they knew that marrying with uncoupling bloods was a crime; they have to pay the karma of suicide, because generally, the creatures that fall into this error, whether they know or ignore it, have diminished between 30 and 60 years of life.

That according to Satan is Tuesday January 3, 2012.

Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Venerable Kovinsavgel, how goes your masvideta?

Says the Venerable Kovinsavgel: Good morning Venerable Senior, since you attended me, I am improving, I have felt much better, and as for the masvideta I still have not gotten the plants and as I came to the temple, I have not done it completely, only some things, because in Bogota because of the winter there were not the plants I needed, I hope now that I return to Bogota, as the climate has changed I will find the plants and make the medicines and, is that also here in the temple, I have not found purges, waiting if the evangels who came brought purges. So far Venerable Senior. Venerable Senior, before coming to the temple we talked to some couples, and they also have blood problems and some of them are already sick, what do you advise me Venerable Senior to do with them? Should we make a list so that your mercy can take care of them or what should we do with those couples?

The Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre, says: yes Venerable Kovinajev, make a list to see how we can help you, and suddenly your mercy will earn dharma helping to cure without knowing it those who blindly or capriciously married with uncoupling blood types, and what does your husband think of the matter of contrary blood type in view of the current state of health they are suffering, and that although they lived some years without apparently having something happening to them, nowadays there are already consequences of that disobedience, what does he think about it?

Master Atomporjus says: Thank you very much Venerable Elohim Sin Simvre for the kindness of being able to address your mercy again, may your health be with us, and it is regrettable what has happened with us, since due to that disobedience caused by an unforgivable carelessness on our part, the consequences have been dire, they have been too dire, I consider that we must do something urgent and part of that kindness would be to help the people who are quite a few by the way that have the same problem as we do, it would be that your mercy would guide us briefly and we would do what we must do. That’ s all there is to it.

Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Venerable Atomporfus and Venerable Kovinsagel, let us work on that side, on the side most in accordance with GOD in that respect, and I am helping you as far as the law licenses me.

Master Atomporjus says: Venerable Elohim Sin Simvre, thank you very much for your kindness, and we want to fulfill the law of GOD so that this problem that we have is solved and we are going to work and pass to you the information of the multiple couples that have similar problems, be blessed Venerable Lord and up to there.

Master Atomporjus says: Venerable Lord, infinite gratitude in the name of the Venerable Master Wengaf and in my name for this kindness, and we commit ourselves to work with respect to this problem, trying to bring the greatest number of people who have the same problem and at the same time giving the respective doctrine, we ask for your blessing, your protection and help today and always, and again thank you very much. Up to here Venerable Lord.

Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Well, I wait for you so that we may work with those mistaken creatures that, perhaps some because of ignorance, others because of animal passion and others because they closed their eyes to the truth, ears and all, and became stupid before sin; It is good that I let the creatures who fell into this crime know that they have to pay for the crime of suicide, because no matter how encouraged they are at the moment, if they knew that marrying with uncoupling blood was a crime, they have to pay the karma of suicide, they have to pay the karma of suicide because generally the creatures that fall into this error, whether they know or ignore, have diminished between 30 and 60 years of life, because the first years of their marriage they spend relatively well but one of the two begins to get sick and in a percentage of cases both begin to suffer the deterioration of their health. Here we must advise those who fell into this biological wickedness to behave as well as possible with GOD, to see if God has mercy for the adultery they are committing, because adultery is to unite two bodies that do not match each other, and if personal desires make them match, the blood does not match and two bloods are mixing, even if each one is faithful to his husband and wife. Between the two of them they are adulterating and the fruit of this adultery is a decrease of years between thirty and sixty until more than they pay here suffering sick; in the next return they die when they fulfill the years that they lacked to live for being adulterating all the time because a wild substance of the blood kills one or the other or both with little distance of time between one and the other, before this people simply say: my neighbor died and took with her also her husband, because 6 months after she died, her husband died. That is because they both had a dependence on poisoned blood and when one of them was deprived of that dependence, it is like the alcoholic, when alcohol is taken away, he dies in a few days. Advise them to eat and drink well because they are between 30 and 60 years that they spoiled in the biological cycle of their return. Thank you very much for hearing this and publish this to the world to see if we save a percentage of creatures that are falling into this shortening of life, increasing the pain and making greater the suffering of the body.

Venerable Kovinsavgel says: Venerable Senior, thank you very much and we are going to make the list of the beings with whom we have already spoken and we will be passing it to Your Mercy through the Río Suarez, blessed be Your Lordship for the help.

Sexual Union and Blood Types


The mixture of A and B, is the type AB. The 4th type, the ZERO type, named with the vowel O, has none of the components A, B.

Blood type is determined, in part, by the antigens of blood groups A, B, O, present in red and white blood cells, inclusive.

Each individual possesses a different set of erythrocyte antigens, and by their number there are currently 32 known antigenic systems, plus some differentiated antigens that have not yet been attributed to any specific system.

A blood group is a classification of blood according to characteristics present or not present on the surface of red blood cells and in blood serum. The two most important classifications for describing blood groups in humans are the antigens (the ABO system) and the Rh factor.

The ABO system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1901, making it the first known blood group; its name comes from the three types of groups that are identified: those of antigen A, antigen B, and “O”. Blood transfusions between incompatible groups can provoke an immunological reaction that can lead to hemolysis, anemia, renal failure, shock and death.

The exact reason why people are born with antibodies to an antigen to which they have never been exposed is unknown.


The zero ( O ) can give blood to all 4 types: A, B, AB, O, because it does not have any of the chemical components A or B. That is why it is called a universal donor.


The zero (O) cannot receive blood from either A, B or AB, because it dies. That happens in the sexual act, fluids are exchanged. If a type zero (O) unites with one of A, B, AB, the one affected is the zero (O).

The kisses, the caresses, the sexual act, it is mortal, they are only sorrows. When there is blood incompatibility, the most sacred of acts is a misfortune, a fatality, it is death.



The Rh factor has almost 50 blood chemical components. It is named Rh factor after experiments on a rhesus macaque monkey.

This case is more serious, the + positive is because it has the factor and the – negative does not have it. When a negative is joined to a positive, the one affected by microtoxic poisoning is the negative.

The Rh system is the second blood group system in human blood transfusion with currently 50 antigens. In 1940, Dr. Landsteiner discovered another group of antigens which were called Rhesus factors (Rh factors), because they were discovered during experiments with rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).

People with Rhesus factors in their blood are classified as Rh positive; while those without the factors are classified as Rh negative.

It is common for D-negative individuals to have no anti-D IgG (immunoglobulinG) or IgM antibodies, since anti-D antibodies are not normally produced by sensitization against environmental substances.

Rh-negative individuals form antibodies against the Rh factor if they are exposed to Rh-positive blood.


The sexual mixing of positives with negatives has the effect that they can kill or sicken each other more intensely because of the number of chemical components, almost 50.

Only Rh-positive to Rh-positive and Rh-negative to Rh-negative should be joined.

The incompatible chemical components of the blood by the types and the Rh factor produce mini toxins, that is, a very slow and slow death. That is the story of the women who kill their husbands or vice versa the husbands who kill their wives.

Master Kelium Zeus Induseus taught us that this is the doctrine that was delivered in the Bible about the one who killed her 7 husbands. It was about blood types.


ABs are universal receivers. They can receive from A’s, from B’s, from AB’s, from O’s. They can marry or unite with any of those types without being harmed, but they harm their partner if he is not AB.


Rh disease is caused by an Rh- mother conceiving an Rh+ child. The antibodies in the mother’s blood destroy the Rh+ antibodies in the baby. If the mother plans to have a second child, a vaccine that eliminates the Rh-antibodies, called gamma-immunoglobulin, should be given. This should be applied within 72 hours after the first delivery, because if a second baby is born with Rh+ the mother will produce excess anti-Rh that will destroy the child’s blood, producing a disease called Erythroblastosis fetalis (severe anemia), if the child is born, because due to the excess production of anti-Rh the child can die intrauterinally.


Blood groups are based on certain proteins called antigens, which are present on the surface of red blood cells, and on antibodies found in plasma. Antibodies can recognize markers on foreign cells (those that do not belong to one’s own body).

When blood from two people is mixed in the course of a transfusion, antibodies react against any cells that have inappropriate markers. The reaction produced by the antibodies when two incompatible blood groups are mixed destroys the foreign cells in a process called hemolysis, which can cause liver damage and even death. For this reason it is very important to be aware of blood type.


Sex, kisses, caresses, sweat, sexual fluids, contain blood components and if they are not compatible they produce antibodies that kill the partner of the one who is not compatible. This is science, not belief, nor philosophy, nor philosophies. If you believe it happens and if you do not believe it also happens.

What a danger!

The master Kelium Zeus Induseus to the couples who asked him for his aprovasel (approval) to marry, he looked in clairvoyantinti form the blood types and the gene-karmic lines that is the karma of family or the karma in the genes and thus he authorized or disapproved them. He also taught that in ancient Israel couples would present themselves before an authorized rabbi, who was clairvoyant and saw the blood compatibility of the couple and thus authorized or disapproved the marriage.

At the present time in many governments of the world to marry a couple they must present the blood test and if there is blood incompatibility they do not marry them because it is proven that the mother kills her child during gestation if they are of incompatible blood types. This is evident, with the already said, when the mother has Rh-negative factor and the father is Rh-positive who inherits this Rh+ factor to his child.


The simplest answer is that both in the couple have the same TYPE and the same FACTOR of blood. That is, they both have the same LETTER and the same Rh FACTOR.

The A+ can only receive blood or marry the A+, or the O+.
A- can only receive blood or marry A-, or O-.

The B+ can only receive blood or marry the B+, or the O+.
B- can only receive blood or marry B-, or O-.

* To clarify: you can only join the A with the A, and the B with the B, or with the O, but to the detriment of the O.

O+ can only bind with O+.
The O- can only join with the O-.

AB+ can be married with A+, B+, AB+, O+, harming non-AB+. Thus, the best is the union of AB+ with another AB+.

AB- can marry A-, B-, AB-, O-, harming non-AB-. Thus, the best is the union of AB- with another AB-.

He who adds science adds pain but can use that science to his advantage, obeying natural laws. Reader, this teaching is science, not belief.

Remember the doctrine of the woman who killed 7 husbands, apply this and you will avoid illness, pain and suffering.

Look for your partner to be blood type compatible. Sex is life and death. Mute your genetic waters. Read Leviticus 15. Be wise and obedient.

Couples with different blood types are terribly disadvantaged.

master Eleuzis Bel