that is satan ACCORDING TO March 24 of the year 2020, Tuesday

Venerable Master Samael Joav Bathor Weor, Venerable Arkangel Miguel says:

Venerable Master Machola greets you his servant Samael Joab Bathor Weor, dear people of God, Venerable Master Kelium Zeus beloved father, where your mercy may God protect me so take care and bless me, give him longevity, give him wisdom and well-being, his people from whom he takes his voice wishes him the best for his mercy, and his blessings are above all his sons and daughters, beings of the people of God in general.

His servants, Samael Joab Bathor Weor, speaks to his mercies, the servant of the living God towards his mercies, the first-born son of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus and of our Mother Aphrodite; Dear brothers who were born from my mother’s bosom, I also send to your mercies my words of love and affection and to all the people of God, in the same way to my nephews and nieces and to the other relatives of this servant to everyone, and to all of God’s people in general, and to all who hear these words anywhere on earth. I bring to your mercies the strength of God the strength of his angels and the strength of his armies that are in defense of the good and the people of God.

I send my words even to traitors and traitors so that they know that this their servant is ready by the people of God and ready to defend the cause of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, in the field that is necessary and in the conditions that are required and in ways that perhaps have not even reached their heads yet, because they know their mercies that this work is from God and not from men, this work was sent to build by the Kreador of all things and not by ordinary men and currents; and the proof of that is all the things that the Venerable Master Macholad is saying, that they are not ravings that are not inventions they are realities that saw his eyes and that saw my eyes in this return, and that saw the eyes of many others , and that this paladin whom you traitors wanted to crush, but that I have not come to knock down the creatures or knock them down but to raise them, and more to the Soldiers of the living God, who although they have errors like all humans but that they carry within yes the seed, the light and the teaching that our beloved Master Kelium Zeus over the decades engraved in the genes of this man named Macholad. And that some of you in a threatening and intimidating way wanted to bend it and almost succeeded, to put it on the side of your treasonous and deceitful acts. And this under the threat of a sanction to expel him from the people of God, and with his words supposedly throw him into hell; That constitutes a constraint and a detriment to the people of God that is over, because I repeat to you again traitorous bandits who raise false testimonies, saying that I persecute my father to harm him in his physical integrity, which is an absolute lie, and that you unfortunate traitors to the people with whom you communicate have continued to put that poison in their heads, saying that I am a scapula and that I am a criminal and evil beast, and that you have continued to do so and that you continue to even generate threats against some of the forms of the people of God, and that they have continued saying that I am a thief and that I am a criminal, and that they have continued their infernal plans trying to mount an industry parallel to the industry of the work of God. The lying story was or one of the lying stories was, that I was keeping the percentages that belong to my father from the industry of the work of God, which is a total and absolute lie, and know that when I say Something is because I have the evidence to be able to demonstrate it and verify it, because as the Master said when I once heard him say: They don’t come to blow my face with lies. I tell you exactly the same, you do not come to blow my face with lies and falsehoods, deceiving the people of God, and this that I am saying you will have to bear for years, unfortunate traitors, enemies of souls.

And everything I have said to you is not yet everything, because there are many other things that I have not said yet, but if you have the audacity to continue and try again to attack the people of God as you were doing, I will have to to say all the other things that I know and that I have a way of showing that they have been done and said by you; And that’s why I tell you, people of God, you have to be alert. Because currently when technology exists, they cannot necessarily poison a creature’s head by broadcasting on the station, on Tao tv, or by conventional splicing, there are currently antisocial networks being used by these traitorous criminals and bandits, to silently try to regroup with his minions, to continue on the wrong path they were leading.

But we this one that Samael Joab Bathor Weor speaks to you and the people of God, we will be alert and pending so that the wicked do not return to make their lair as they had it, and I clarify for them; the means of communication, the connection thread that is used to continue doing what they were doing, intimidating and threatening the people of God, and continuing with their conspiracy of crimes, these connections will be suspended and the teams where that type comes out will be cremated of communication, and I request and demand from all the beings of the Great Vegetable Temple Sakro Akuarius that if any communication reaches them by any means, they are not authorized to publish it before the one who is speaking to them Samael Joab Bathor Weor authorizes it, whoever this is clear from. And in the same way I say it to the station or stations of the work of God, because if they believe that I am letting my guard down with this, they are wrong, and it is not that I am going to create a gag system like they had it for me, but it turns out that the traitors are not going to have space within the people of God to be finishing it and to be diminishing the people from the sources as it was happening.

Because I clarify you traitors, the people of God are not stupid and they knew the doctrine of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, and precisely that doctrine increased the consciousness of the people of God and they began to account for all the miscreants and the deformations that you they were doing doctrine; even taking internet doctrines and demonic doctrines that have nothing to do with the doctrine of God, to present them as the new form of the doctrine, because because as your partner called or who was called copies said and the plagiarist who was attending, he came out with another lie, saying this bandit: that the time of the Masters had passed and that this was another time, and the one who was attending him giving testimony a lying testimony that in the time of the teachers no cameras had been confiscated Nor teams of any kind, this poor plagiarist liar who said she was telling him that, was wanting to put in front of the face of the whole world a lie to the people of God, a lie that was already intolerable. Because it was a lie to everyone’s face. That lie that this had not happened was a total falsehood, it was the maximum impudence, because all the lies that these unfortunate plagiarists invented believed themselves, and began to provide them to the people of God, and they wanted to continue lying to him head-on in that filthy and sowish way, and this is being said by Samael Joab Bathor Weor no other. And as I told you; If you want to throw me into hell, make sure that this is my house, I am not afraid of you, but be sure, and there I am going to drag you by the worst sewers and the worst dens of the abyss to you hapless plagiarists, who rose up against our beloved Master Kelium Zeus and betrayed even him. That surely will not go unpunished, make it clear to all of you.

And I say Venerable Master Macholad, your mercy can speak as long as you want, because the time of the gag is over, that is over, you can speak as long as you deem appropriate because your words pour the pure wisdom that Master Kelium Zeus put in your bowels, and that with the facts that his eyes saw, he recorded in his grace the lived knowledge that his grace emits from his throat, so that the wisdom of God is not to be covered, but to be emitted to the people of God. The time of the gag is over and the time of the teachers of Master Kelium Zeus, of Mother Aphrodite, and the time of those who gave birth to this doctrine on earth, and that his mercy was among the apostles because he was stationed, returned again. He was not only a disciple, he was an apostle and he continues to be an apostle with knowledge of the cause of this doctrine, so that teacher can continue to delight the people of God with his words, because the time of the gag is over and this one that is here is ready for fight against whoever wants to return that time again. Do not forget you plagiarists that I am ready to fight in the field that is necessary for the people of God and in defense of the work of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, of our Mother Aphrodite who is Taoism; that you plagiarists were wanting to annihilate and were beginning to do so, because the sources had been diminished not because doctrine was given online, but because you were destroying souls, and if you want me to tell you how at some point I am going to tell you, and I am going to present to you how they were doing it, in such a way that it ended because in God’s people I will not allow it to be finished by plagiarists who were put to serve God and who got drunk with power and soon with the money, and they became treacherous pillages against the people of God. Then Master Macholad this people what you need is wisdom, these traitors made war on the ancients because the ancients taught precisely the living example of what Master Kelium Zeus did, but since these traitors did not want it and wanted to rewrite history, and there were people who came to believe that it was that these bandits Luis Cárdenas and others with the symbols they were given were those who had elaborated the doctrine and brought it to earth, and who in their prayers asked for the Master Kelium Zeus, for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the Mother Aphrodite, they began to make war in the temple and they began to harass them and later they were sanctioned and they were excluded, because they asked in their supplications and prayed in the symbol of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus.

Because it was a destructive plan in which people had to pray, it was already those who became plagiarists and the beings they gave them are beings of light are beings of good, but those beings abandoned them a long time ago, because they realized that their bodies were perverted and left by a cliff. Cliff by which they were leading the people of God, closing sources, reducing the flock in each of them, sanctioning and doing all kinds of things contrary to doctrine, the goal is that the doctrine has many more people, not that it has less, that it has many sources full of creatures, not that it has less.

So this servant Samael Joab Bathor Weor had to introduce myself again so that these wolves would not continue swallowing the sheep of the people of God, and the most unfortunate plagiarizing even our own father the venerable and sublime being that brought this doctrine to the earth, and that he brought this one who is speaking to the face of the earth, to fight for doctrine. But these hapless ones made up the story that I had voted and abandoned the doctrine and believed it; and surely they said: No, we are going to start attacking him directly and since he no longer cares about the doctrine then he is not going to seem to say anything. As it turns out, you got shot in the butt, because you deceived yourselves with your own lies.

So Venerable Master Macholad has the freedom to continue speaking what he deems appropriate as long as he wants, because what this people needs is that doctrine, and historical doctrine of what he lived with the Venerable Masters of what he lived with us when we built the doctrine on the face of the earth, the Taoist doctrine. Because we speak with authority with knowledge of the cause, not with the lies of the supposed Esparwel when she justified and said that she knew that in the time of the teachers no equipment had ever been seized from any person, it turns out that not only were they seized they tore apart they burned to pieces, and that was done by Master Kelium Zeus and others by his command and by our orders. And then those teams that had been destroyed were paid were canceled, but that was not the result of an act of psychopathy No gentlemen, I already said once or sometimes and I repeat it, it turns out that Arturo uses a monk who was a photo was taken at the entrance of the temple while he was mounted on a dump truck unloading stones and some other things to build the temple, when that monk went to Antioquia to his house, a hitman on a bicycle approached took a photo he looked and then he unsheathed a weapon and murdered him, the same happened with Pedro Díaz Granados, the same happened with many other Jesús Mercedes, the oldest remember them but the new ones do not know it, because they wanted to present them with a totally different story from the real one, in the which the ancient monks as some plagiarist once said were rotten, but it turns out that the rotten were the traitors, and as Master Kelium Zeus said their hearts are rotten potties ll evil. And that some, as the Master said, bless me on the phone, but it turns out that they are the same ones who say that I am a damn and that this is not an invention, those who said that now want to reconstruct their facts saying other things, and believe This one who speaks to them is a fool who believes what they are doing, when everyone knew that these characters spoke, it was poisonous and toxic garbage from long ago, the result of the poisoning of their souls.

Dear people of God, let us remember that we were each passing to say, not to speak ill of anyone; but yes to say what their eyes had seen with which they were making me the gag, and the way of trying to destroy in the psyche of their mercies God’s people the credibility that in this his servant Michael had his mercies, with a form filthy pig and dirty waging war from all possible flanks, we have not finished that, do not forget those who have not spoken, that it still continues it has not stopped, and at some point we will establish schedules in which your Mercedes can keep going to keep saying what they saw and what their Mercedes suffered in this regard. Because it turns out that the traitors and those who believed in them still do not believe that this was happening and they believe that everything that happened for more than 6 years is an invention of mine, so they have to continue happening because at the moment that our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, as he offered, will make forgiveness, only those who have already spoken will pass, it does not mean that they have to invent things, those who do not have to say it are not, because we do not have to invent anything just say what corresponds and what their eyes saw. Because I am frank with you, I Samael Joab Bathor Weor had humanly perceived the vast majority of all these things, but there are some that I could not realize. Realmente lo que hizo esta plaga es más de lo que pensamos. So there are no excesses of their testisierto, so keep them in mind that at any moment I am going to tell you at what hours of the day this work will continue, because we need to know the truth, the truth will set us free and the truth must be told in our favor or against us, but it must be said because the truth is the truth. Y mucho más en este caso, porque necesitamos todos conocer los hechos para no dejarnos engañar y para que no sean borregos el pueblo de Dios. Thank you dear beings, and then let Venerable Machola continue and if you suddenly want them to read these words again, you can do so, and I clarify them, Samael Joav Bathor Weor has said. And it is more authoritative that they be sent to the beings of the people of God by the way they wish and consider it convenient.

To the Venerable Master Macholad, his mercy said that at some point with my words I could suddenly tell the people of God regarding the biological weapon that they elaborated against my being, I will gladly do so when necessary, but I tell you; They were 17 years of terrible suffering, I confess dear beings, I am a creature of great faith but I came to think of some opportunities that the life that God and my father and mother had given me would escape from my body. And I asked some being at some moment that if life were to leave my body they could draw my blood so that they could extract the virus that had been applied to me and be able to use it against the enemies of the work of God. But thank you to my father, Master Kelium Zeus, thank you to God and thank you to other beings who will know it someday. I was able to overcome that, but it was 17 years with fevers that lasted months and terrible things, my body lost many kilos, it was a weapon specifically designed to take my life, but the greatness of God is infinite and we are still alive. So I said yesterday that we were ready to fight the coronavirus because the people of God had faced biological weapons, chemical weapons, bacteriological weapons, and that his server defeated one of the deadliest chemical weapons on my own My body almost cost me my life, but life is still very grateful to GOD. Go ahead dear people of GOD.