Dear sisters and brothers of the TRUE TAO JEW PEOPLE

May the light be on your paths and as warriors filled with courage let us be defenders of THE VEGETAL TEMPLE SAKROAKUARIUS, a doctrinary patrimony for  all of us. At this opportunity it is necessary to send a letter to the different governmental entities.

Steps to follow

Reception of the information


  1. After receiving the email or entering the link on youtube tao tv templo en vivo, in the chat in blue color, download the documents.


  1. Download the drafting model document

The drafting model is the base for drafting the letters to the different entities.


  1. Drafting the letter

Draft the letter in your own words

Remember it is only a guide, because of security reasons do not write your personal addresses. In case of Spanish do not use Sacredchaste language.


  1. Print and sign

When the letter is ready, print it, sign it and then scan it in pdf.


  1. Send the letter, if you ar in Colombia

Once you have the letter in pdf format send it to all the entities specified in the document: “Governmental entities” by email, fax or telephone in Spanish. The only letters that you can send in English are the ones to the Colombian Embassy in your country and The United Nations Human Rights in your country and in Colombia,  NACIONES UNIDAS DE DERECHOS HUMANOS calle 113 No. 7-45 Torre B oficina 1101 Bogota, Colombia Email: [email protected],  Due to security reasons send it from a public internet spot.


  1. Send screenshots, fotos etc to the mail address: [email protected]

that confirm having sent the letter  to the mentioned entities.


Doubts and questions

If you have any doubts or questions with respect to this process we can be reached via Whatsapp on the telephone number +57 3229161396  or on the email address [email protected]



[email protected]  and phone +57 3229161396