Ke according to satan is March 31 of the year 2020, Tuesday


Dear listeners of the people of God, his servant Michael, the firstborn of Mother Aphrodite and Master Kelium Zeus, his servant Samael Joab Bathor Weor, greets his mercies. Beloved Master Kelium Zeus, venerable savior christ red of aquarius, may God take care of you and bless you wherever your mercy is, and may your mercy not suffer from your health.
Blessings be with all of us and with all the children of the people of God, may it be with the exiles and exiles with all those who in one way or another have become their children and children of this people, children of the living God who sent it to his thanks to this sphere to rise up and save us, gratitude beloved Master and may it be your wisdom in us to be able to advance and walk the path that his grace traced on the face of the world to reach your mercy and thus who sent him to his mercy to this sphere. Here his son Samael Joav Bathor Weor greets him with all reverence, and speaks these words to him.

dear taoists who hear my words on the entire face of the city, I want to remind your mercedes how essential it is to stay as the holy scripture says Hide while anger passes, it is essential that your Mercedes stay at home doing similar to what they did the Hebrews when God sent an angel to punish the firstborn of the Egyptians and that he indicated that a sign should be written on the doors of the houses of the children of Israel so that that angel would not enter that house to generate death, that mark was the Tao sign in each of the houses in each of the places where the children of God today today that sign is the chastity, that sign is the renovating fire, that sign is the renovatus fire that was put in the fountains and in the houses of those who preach and practice the Taoist doctrine, the doctrine of the This fire will take the form of keeping the vital bodies of the sons and daughters of God’s people clean.

I want to remind your Mercedes about the strict care that must be taken with regard to this virus, this virus is not a natural virus produced by nature, it is a virus treated in the laboratories of the earth by one of the most murderous governments in the world. human history, is a virus that existed and exists for many centuries, for a long time; but it was taken and treated turned into a murder and crime machine, that is, we could consider it to be a transgenic virus, we are going to talk about this suddenly in some mosquito to his mercies, but I tell you; this is a transgenic virus, because this virus has traces of HIV and has traces of another quantity of virus and other quantity of bacteria and other quantity of elements, this virus contains within itself and within its structure the ability to give the order to the DNA of the people so that develop cancers of different kinds, mainly of the endocrine system. This virus has the ability to order the endocrine system to be sterile in both men and women, this virus is a war machine that was produced to kill certain ethnic types of people throughout the country, people that survive the virus are prone to all the other illnesses that are programmed into that virus, the order is programmed to order the DNA of the people who survive so that cancers of different kinds develop and this is not all, this virus has within of themselves the genetic information necessary to develop the diseases that people received in vaccines when they were children, that is, if they were vaccinated against polio, then the virus carries the necessary information to make that virus that they injected into the vaccine develop and become a more aggressive virus than the one that sought to counteract the same vaccine. If you were vaccinated against some other type of illness, that will become activated with the months and the heliokrones on that person who survived the virus, this is one of the reasons why the doctrine orders not to vaccinate children, because in the future it is already Present the same producers of vaccines and the great powers of the earth in the service of Satan would go to produce weapons like this one that is lashing humanity that has been called eugenics that is euthanasia to humanity. Euthanasia is a single person, eugenics is millions or billions of creatures. Why some governments have not been interested in putting systems to stop the advance of this pandemic  

in agreement with that genocide with that murder, and I tell you; those who adapted this weapon adapted it to kill certain kinds of creatures, for example Asians, Latin Americans, Caucasian Latinos, etc.

afro descendants; That is why in the United States they have shown very little interest in this regard, because that country that is the one that developed these components and this virus, something that has already been said by some characters in the country, most of whom are losing the They are immigrants who, since they could not get them out through legal channels, so they are in some percentage relaxed, because they know that this was elaborated for certain ethnic types. So dear beings, we are not going to talk much about this topic for the time and the hour, but it is necessary to be careful because even surviving, that is, if the organic defenses manage to defeat this virus, the risk remains dangerous for the survivors from developing a large number of diseases such as HIV, cancer, tuberculosis, cancers from many places in the body, that is, from many organs, bone cancers, because the genetic structure of a virus has been taken and pieces of genetic information have been introduced to it. other amount of virus, that if they fail to kill the person due to a general collapse of the body at the time of the virus attack, then in the years and times to come of the survivor any of those other diseases that are contained may be presented within DNA, and what is also very careful; it makes him develop those atrophied diseases that were injected into the vaccines that were given to him as a child or in some mosquito of life, it is not a game, it is not a simple thing that humanity is facing. That is why the forces of other worlds are helping on the face of the earth to contain this, because it is not anything, that is why we have summoned and assembled the armies of the kosmos to help take care of God’s people and help take care of the that they will go into the future to the people of God, because this is an attack against the whole humanity.

I tell you this: the world will have great changes after this, and it is a fight in which we are fighting to save lives. This what I am telling you is what my eyes see, it is possible that in the near future there will be scientists who discover these things, I do not say it to scare or alarm them, but I do say it so that they are aware of the magnitude of the danger and the gravity that this represents. It is not a game it is not a simple thing, it is one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons that the enemies of life have unleashed against humanity and for this situation and for this weapon they can die, I will not say a number, but many creatures can die, because it is almost the perfect weapon to murder entire civilizations.

It is not to instill fear in your mercies, it is so that they know the truth and so that they have an idea of ​​the real magnitude of what is happening in the world and what is happening, of what is happening; and very many of the gea governments are aware of this, and that is why many have taken the measures they have taken, because they know and are aware of the immense seriousness of what is happening, that they do not tell people so as not to generate panic or fear, but God’s people are prepared to know these things, because it is better to know the truth than to succumb to ignorance, better to know the truth and live, than to die in the midst of ignorance for not knowing the truth.

Let these words be read three times to the people of God and then we will later speak some other things that require them to know his mercies, only those who do not live in the gea do not need to know these data, but those who live here on the face of the world that we are on this sphere called gea we need to know them, because it concerns us all.

 So to be careful, the extraterrestrial forces that have been brought into this sphere have come because the gravity of this weapon warrants and demands it.