Venerable Master Samael Joav Bathor Weor, Venerable Arkangel Miguel says:

The treatment is as follows: 5 wells of 15 grams of ginger are taken daily and it is due to this that cypress pine or fir seeds are added to the cooking, those that are like a pineapple but that are tender or when they are still green , tender, squishy, about 10 or 15 grams should be added to the cooking with the ginger it starts to cook, after cooking it liquefies well liquefied and this is filtered, then it is added about 30 grams of aloe glass, Blend again, and sweeten with honey and take 5 wells per day warm, well sweetened with honey.

From this same they can give children in a smaller quantity, half a glass three times a day depending on their age, if they are baby children then they will give 6 tablespoons every 2 hours.

They are required to eat plenty of garlic, not fried or cooked but raw, in salt meals, and if they can take one capsule of garlic in the morning and another in the afternoon, it is excellent.

Vapors to the face with deep inhalations, three times a day that are cooked from 30 grams of gaque leaves, which must be ground or liquefied in the cooking water; 90 grams of liquefied orange peel in this same cooking, 10 grams of frailejón leaves and 10 grams of the root of a plant called arnica also add honey or panela to this.

From this they make new cooking for each day and this is to make the vapors to the face with inhalation, that is, the inhalation is:

That takes the air, these vapors are covering the head with a towel so that the steam from the pot makes the face, and moistens a cloth to clean the face with water to the climate with that cloth, it is a kind of sauna to the face with inhalation .

With the same cooking as above, you should moisten handkerchiefs and then squeeze them a bit so that they are not dripping and put them at night in the resting place as a kind of air freshener.

It is good to have a sun bath per day for at least 20 days, after the sun bath you should take two glasses of orange juice, in this juice you must have liquefied the bagasse that remains in the strainer in the same juice, well liquefied as liquefied as possible.

It is essential that they keep the quarantine in its entirety and that when they go out into the street they cover themselves with masks and they leave, hopefully from the family only and exclusively one person to what is essential; And if there is someone who is encouraged that can bring them food much better, so that they do not offer risk of contagion to other people or to themselves.

Wash your hands at least every 30 minutes with soap and disinfect the house periodically, you can disinfect with orange juice by liquefying the peel of the orange, if it is tangerine liquefying the peel of the tangerine and with a glass of this liquefied preparation, you can add a gallon of water and with this they can be well filtered with a spray spray in the environment and try to clean the environment or the environment of things with this same preparation.

Take two wells per day of boldo cooking adding the juice of 2 lemons to each well. They must also liquefy the lemon seed and waste in the boldo and take it, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The boldo used in the two wells should be 6 or 8 grams. Clarification: The lemon should not liquefy the peel only the seeds and what remains in the strainer when removing the juice.

With honeycomb honey in honeycomb, but that the honeycomb is black or that it is a honeycomb that has been used in the hive for a long time, and that this black, the white is good but the black contains propolis, royal jelly and other number of components; This is why it is required to be a black honeycomb, which is a honeycomb that has been used for several times or years within the hive, and the wax has been capturing nutrients that are vital to health. So of this type of honeycomb, consume at breakfast and dinner that should be sweet preferably, consume between 30 and 40 grams at each meal, it is necessary to chew very well, and if it is the case mix with whole wheat bread and eat the black wax from this honeycomb.

At bedtime you eat a teaspoon of bee pollen with jelly, it is not the granulated pollen that they commonly sell, it is the pollen that the bees introduced into the hive and it is deposited inside the honeycomb alveoli, you can eat it with everything and honeycomb well chewed at bedtime, this entire treatment is up to 15 days after being fully encouraged. This pollen with jelly can be obtained in any beekeeping company, but it is not pollen mixed with the jelly, but pollen that the bees have deposited inside the combs, because they add another amount of components; tartaric acid, organic and other elements that are required to fight the virus and that there is an immediate recovery. Then get this medicine and anything I can help with I am ready to contribute whatever is necessary.

In the case of pregnant women they can do this same recipe, but they cannot take boldo with lemon, for pregnant women they do not take boldo with lemon. In their replacement they must take pineapple juice in which they liquefy 2 grams of bee pollen. And in the case of the elderly woman that they are indicating to me, there is no problem in taking warm drinks, on the contrary that helps her to have a quicker healing and recovery, warm drinks that are not hot but are warm like milk heat. There is no problem in what the elderly Eva was given or is taking, it is good that she is given mushroom cooking, they can be Portobello mushrooms, they can be Zetas, they can be mushrooms as long as they are edible , cooking these mushrooms, and get a seaweed called Chlorella, consume between 5 and 7 grams per day, it can be liquefied in some juice, it can be in some soup or in any of the foods. This is the indication to your Mercedes and by the way the other Taoists can also take it, it is good that those who can have these medicines at home have them at hand, in case at any time any complication of this kind occurs immediately move forward with this treatment, so as not to give absolutely any time to this virus, which, as your scholars already know, has killed more than 50,000 people in the world of what the states say, because they know that governments almost never tell the truth .