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How do we know our degree of chastity? How do we know our spiritual level? Well, just by living on this earth we find it difficult to perceive what degree we have earned because if we study this life with the years we have and subtract the time we have spent practicing the Tao doctrine we already see a great difference.


According to Taoism, we practice preventive medicine through food, and it is true that by being vegetarian we prevent many illnesses, but there is no certainty that we will not run the risk of suffering from them, which is why we must be clear about the best way to eat.


In bodies where tissues exist and some blood fluid flows through them, these bodies cannot exist if there is no movement in them, because the life of all flesh is based on movement, while there is life the body of the human being must be put into movement to prolong well-being.

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“The strength of wisdom is the wisdom of strength.”

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“If you are not woken up to rekordarles kuan savios are, do not know anything.

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“The honesty of man staggers when big things are in his hands.”

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“To say by doing, is of men in perfection.”

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“The way of salvation is the same as that of perdition, only in the opposite direction.”

V.M. Samael Joab Bathor Weor

“He who practices chastity becomes a superman.”

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“Only in one thing does one know who serves GOD and who does not serve him, in which his genetic energy mutates.”

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“He who loves and honors GOD and he who loves and honors his father and mother GOD lives in him.”

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“The doctor who tells his patient he’s too sick is making him sicker and by the force of the verb he may be killing him.”

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“Don’t comment on others’ mistakes, correct them intelligently.”

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“By giving life to our body we give life to our planet”.

V.M. Kelium Zeus

“Nutrition is not in what you eat, it’s in what you assimilate.”
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