Life consequences of blood adultery

The creatures that fell into this crime have to pay the crime of suicide because no matter how encouraged they are at the moment, if they knew that marrying with uncoupling bloods was a crime; they have to pay the karma of suicide, because generally, the creatures that fall into this error, whether they know or ignore it, have diminished between 30 and 60 years of life.
That according to Satan is Tuesday January 3, 2012.
Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Venerable Kovinsavgel, how goes your masvideta?
Says the Venerable Kovinsavgel: Good morning Venerable Senior, since you attended me, I am improving, I have felt much better, and as for the masvideta I still have not gotten the plants and as I came to the temple, I have not done it completely, only some things, because in Bogota because of the winter there were not the plants I needed, I hope now that I return to Bogota, as the climate has changed I will find the plants and make the medicines and, is that also here in the temple, I have not found purges, waiting if the evangels who came brought purges. So far Venerable Senior. Venerable Senior, before coming to the temple we talked to some couples, and they also have blood problems and some of them are already sick, what do you advise me Venerable Senior to do with them? Should we make a list so that your mercy can take care of them or what should we do with those couples?
The Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre, says: yes Venerable Kovinajev, make a list to see how we can help you, and suddenly your mercy will earn dharma helping to cure without knowing it those who blindly or capriciously married with uncoupling blood types, and what does your husband think of the matter of contrary blood type in view of the current state of health they are suffering, and that although they lived some years without apparently having something happening to them, nowadays there are already consequences of that disobedience, what does he think about it?
Master Atomporjus says: Thank you very much Venerable Elohim Sin Simvre for the kindness of being able to address your mercy again, may your health be with us, and it is regrettable what has happened with us, since due to that disobedience caused by an unforgivable carelessness on our part, the consequences have been dire, they have been too dire, I consider that we must do something urgent and part of that kindness would be to help the people who are quite a few by the way that have the same problem as we do, it would be that your mercy would guide us briefly and we would do what we must do. That’ s all there is to it.
Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Venerable Atomporfus and Venerable Kovinsagel, let us work on that side, on the side most in accordance with GOD in that respect, and I am helping you as far as the law licenses me.
Master Atomporjus says: Venerable Elohim Sin Simvre, thank you very much for your kindness, and we want to fulfill the law of GOD so that this problem that we have is solved and we are going to work and pass to you the information of the multiple couples that have similar problems, be blessed Venerable Lord and up to there.
Master Atomporjus says: Venerable Lord, infinite gratitude in the name of the Venerable Master Wengaf and in my name for this kindness, and we commit ourselves to work with respect to this problem, trying to bring the greatest number of people who have the same problem and at the same time giving the respective doctrine, we ask for your blessing, your protection and help today and always, and again thank you very much. Up to here Venerable Lord.
Says the Venerable Messenger of Elohim, the Sin Simvre: Well, I wait for you so that we may work with those mistaken creatures that, perhaps some because of ignorance, others because of animal passion and others because they closed their eyes to the truth, ears and all, and became stupid before sin; It is good that I let the creatures who fell into this crime know that they have to pay for the crime of suicide, because no matter how encouraged they are at the moment, if they knew that marrying with uncoupling blood was a crime, they have to pay the karma of suicide, they have to pay the karma of suicide because generally the creatures that fall into this error, whether they know or ignore, have diminished between 30 and 60 years of life, because the first years of their marriage they spend relatively well but one of the two begins to get sick and in a percentage of cases both begin to suffer the deterioration of their health. Here we must advise those who fell into this biological wickedness to behave as well as possible with GOD, to see if God has mercy for the adultery they are committing, because adultery is to unite two bodies that do not match each other, and if personal desires make them match, the blood does not match and two bloods are mixing, even if each one is faithful to his husband and wife. Between the two of them they are adulterating and the fruit of this adultery is a decrease of years between thirty and sixty until more than they pay here suffering sick; in the next return they die when they fulfill the years that they lacked to live for being adulterating all the time because a wild substance of the blood kills one or the other or both with little distance of time between one and the other, before this people simply say: my neighbor died and took with her also her husband, because 6 months after she died, her husband died. That is because they both had a dependence on poisoned blood and when one of them was deprived of that dependence, it is like the alcoholic, when alcohol is taken away, he dies in a few days. Advise them to eat and drink well because they are between 30 and 60 years that they spoiled in the biological cycle of their return. Thank you very much for hearing this and publish this to the world to see if we save a percentage of creatures that are falling into this shortening of life, increasing the pain and making greater the suffering of the body.
Venerable Kovinsavgel says: Venerable Senior, thank you very much and we are going to make the list of the beings with whom we have already spoken and we will be passing it to Your Mercy through the Río Suarez, blessed be Your Lordship for the help.

Sexual Union and Blood Types
The mixture of A and B, is the type AB. The 4th type, the ZERO type, named with the vowel O, has none of the components A, B.
Blood type is determined, in part, by the antigens of blood groups A, B, O, present in red and white blood cells, inclusive.
Each individual possesses a different set of erythrocyte antigens, and by their number there are currently 32 known antigenic systems, plus some differentiated antigens that have not yet been attributed to any specific system.
A blood group is a classification of blood according to characteristics present or not present on the surface of red blood cells and in blood serum. The two most important classifications for describing blood groups in humans are the antigens (the ABO system) and the Rh factor.
The ABO system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1901, making it the first known blood group; its name comes from the three types of groups that are identified: those of antigen A, antigen B, and “O”. Blood transfusions between incompatible groups can provoke an immunological reaction that can lead to hemolysis, anemia, renal failure, shock and death.
The exact reason why people are born with antibodies to an antigen to which they have never been exposed is unknown.
The zero ( O ) can give blood to all 4 types: A, B, AB, O, because it does not have any of the chemical components A or B. That is why it is called a universal donor.
The zero (O) cannot receive blood from either A, B or AB, because it dies. That happens in the sexual act, fluids are exchanged. If a type zero (O) unites with one of A, B, AB, the one affected is the zero (O).
The kisses, the caresses, the sexual act, it is mortal, they are only sorrows. When there is blood incompatibility, the most sacred of acts is a misfortune, a fatality, it is death.
The Rh factor has almost 50 blood chemical components. It is named Rh factor after experiments on a rhesus macaque monkey.
This case is more serious, the + positive is because it has the factor and the – negative does not have it. When a negative is joined to a positive, the one affected by microtoxic poisoning is the negative.
The Rh system is the second blood group system in human blood transfusion with currently 50 antigens. In 1940, Dr. Landsteiner discovered another group of antigens which were called Rhesus factors (Rh factors), because they were discovered during experiments with rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).
People with Rhesus factors in their blood are classified as Rh positive; while those without the factors are classified as Rh negative.
It is common for D-negative individuals to have no anti-D IgG (immunoglobulinG) or IgM antibodies, since anti-D antibodies are not normally produced by sensitization against environmental substances.
Rh-negative individuals form antibodies against the Rh factor if they are exposed to Rh-positive blood.
The sexual mixing of positives with negatives has the effect that they can kill or sicken each other more intensely because of the number of chemical components, almost 50.
Only Rh-positive to Rh-positive and Rh-negative to Rh-negative should be joined.
The incompatible chemical components of the blood by the types and the Rh factor produce mini toxins, that is, a very slow and slow death. That is the story of the women who kill their husbands or vice versa the husbands who kill their wives.
Master Kelium Zeus Induseus taught us that this is the doctrine that was delivered in the Bible about the one who killed her 7 husbands. It was about blood types.
ABs are universal receivers. They can receive from A’s, from B’s, from AB’s, from O’s. They can marry or unite with any of those types without being harmed, but they harm their partner if he is not AB.
Rh disease is caused by an Rh- mother conceiving an Rh+ child. The antibodies in the mother’s blood destroy the Rh+ antibodies in the baby. If the mother plans to have a second child, a vaccine that eliminates the Rh-antibodies, called gamma-immunoglobulin, should be given. This should be applied within 72 hours after the first delivery, because if a second baby is born with Rh+ the mother will produce excess anti-Rh that will destroy the child’s blood, producing a disease called Erythroblastosis fetalis (severe anemia), if the child is born, because due to the excess production of anti-Rh the child can die intrauterinally.
Blood groups are based on certain proteins called antigens, which are present on the surface of red blood cells, and on antibodies found in plasma. Antibodies can recognize markers on foreign cells (those that do not belong to one’s own body).
When blood from two people is mixed in the course of a transfusion, antibodies react against any cells that have inappropriate markers. The reaction produced by the antibodies when two incompatible blood groups are mixed destroys the foreign cells in a process called hemolysis, which can cause liver damage and even death. For this reason it is very important to be aware of blood type.
Sex, kisses, caresses, sweat, sexual fluids, contain blood components and if they are not compatible they produce antibodies that kill the partner of the one who is not compatible. This is science, not belief, nor philosophy, nor philosophies. If you believe it happens and if you do not believe it also happens.
What a danger!
The master Kelium Zeus Induseus to the couples who asked him for his aprovasel (approval) to marry, he looked in clairvoyantinti form the blood types and the gene-karmic lines that is the karma of family or the karma in the genes and thus he authorized or disapproved them. He also taught that in ancient Israel couples would present themselves before an authorized rabbi, who was clairvoyant and saw the blood compatibility of the couple and thus authorized or disapproved the marriage.
At the present time in many governments of the world to marry a couple they must present the blood test and if there is blood incompatibility they do not marry them because it is proven that the mother kills her child during gestation if they are of incompatible blood types. This is evident, with the already said, when the mother has Rh-negative factor and the father is Rh-positive who inherits this Rh+ factor to his child.
The simplest answer is that both in the couple have the same TYPE and the same FACTOR of blood. That is, they both have the same LETTER and the same Rh FACTOR.
The A+ can only receive blood or marry the A+, or the O+.
A- can only receive blood or marry A-, or O-.
The B+ can only receive blood or marry the B+, or the O+.
B- can only receive blood or marry B-, or O-.
* To clarify: you can only join the A with the A, and the B with the B, or with the O, but to the detriment of the O.
O+ can only bind with O+.
The O- can only join with the O-.
AB+ can be married with A+, B+, AB+, O+, harming non-AB+. Thus, the best is the union of AB+ with another AB+.
AB- can marry A-, B-, AB-, O-, harming non-AB-. Thus, the best is the union of AB- with another AB-.
He who adds science adds pain but can use that science to his advantage, obeying natural laws. Reader, this teaching is science, not belief.
Remember the doctrine of the woman who killed 7 husbands, apply this and you will avoid illness, pain and suffering.
Look for your partner to be blood type compatible. Sex is life and death. Mute your genetic waters. Read Leviticus 15. Be wise and obedient.
Couples with different blood types are terribly disadvantaged.
master Eleuzis Bel

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What is Tao?

It is for my being: KELIUM ZEUS a boldness to promise you; oh my good readers that I will give you a perfect answer to the greatest of the questions that have ever arisen from the dwellers of the earth. A question that surpasses the resonance of the echo of the spheres of all the life of creation. The word of the most eloquent viteria (matter) and the most expert pen in magdus (hands) of the wisest inspired by God and all divine and human knowledge is still too deficient to give an explanation that approaches a perfect answer to What Is Tao?
In the odinic language: or in votan: la: ka: is Te in some polarizations or bipolarizations of words. So that the letter Ka can be read as Ta and the syllable Ta can be read as Ka. The absolute creation before the existence of the forms the primordial base of the creation was in the emptiness of the nothingness. It is: The Chaos.
Within the Chaos: there were the three basic factors of the creation of all that exists in the Cosmos; among them the great principle of the creation of God.
These factors are: ETHER, COLOR and SON that men call sound.
These three foundations of creation in the Odinic language are called TAOS. For KAOS and TAOS are the same.
TAOS being the basic principle of emptiness in the nothingness thus considered by the humans.
Ether being the antiviteria (antimatter) called in profane form antimatter which is the fundasiertal (fundamental) basis of the viteria (matter) because the antiviteria is the basis of the viteria and the one cannot live without the other. The ethereal was found by Einstein in the fourth dimension by the relativity of time and distance and by the pulsating atomic life in the mass. Because the atoms are not in sight of the human eye and therefore are within the etheric which as is known scientifically without the presence of the atom cannot exist the viteria (matter) because the antiviteria is the basis of the viteria and the one cannot live without the other. . Atoms are in the etheric which as it is known scientifically without the presence of the atom cannot exist the viteria (matter) because from the biggest to the smallest is formed by atoms: from the most gigantic sphere of the cosmos; to the smallest microorganism. All live by the atoms that are the mass of the ether. This is the first TAO of the absolute creation of the great KAOS or the great TAOS.
The second TAO of TAOS is COLOR. The color is the distinctive foundation of the light which is inside the electron that conforms the atom. The electron of the atom has in the suns: that is in the solar spheres nine hundred and ninety-nine basic colors (999) and from there come the sub colors.
The electron of the atom in the spheres has six hundred and sixty-six basic colors (666). These six hundred and sixty six basic colors: they exist in the electrons of the atom, are those that depending on the three-dimensional mass that are found produce the colors that exist in nature within reach of the human eye, these colors of viterial density (material) and that are the only ones that the human can see, by sight is not able to see if not only seven (7) basic colors and from them come out the few sub colors that the human eye knows. This is the second TAO of KAOS or TAOS.
The third fundasierto (foundation) exists in the void of nothingness in creation, it is the SON misnamed sound.
Within the atom and as the creative basis of the atom exists the HATHUS which lives within the eleserts (elements) of the atom; very close to being discovered by science without which the atom cannot exist: For this is the basic elesert (element) of all the eleserts (elements) that make up the atom.
The HATHUS is the carrier of all SON within the three-dimensional mass. The HATHUS is the one that at any friction or shock or any vibration produces SON. Without the HATHUS, nature would be a silence of which the human ear does not have the slightest imagination, because absolute silence does not exist anywhere in the cosmos, because all the celestial bodies of creation inside and outside the universes and outside, that is, in the diverses: Everything is formed by atoms and the atoms, as is logical, are formed by HATHUS, within which is the DESIBELIC order of all SON.
In the AHALAS, that is, in the nuclei of the central suns, the SON, as well as in the central suns, the HATHUS has (999) nine hundred and ninety-nine musical sitas (notes), which men call musical notes.
The HATHUS in the spheres keeps within itself (666) six hundred and sixty-six musical sitas.
Without the HATHUS the atom cannot exist and even less the electron that is inside the elesserts (elements) of the atom, that is to say, the electron is another elessert of the atom. Being the same atom the ETHER which is the first TAO of KAOS or TAOS and the color forming electron, the second TAO of KAOS or TAOS and the third TAO of KAOS or TAOS is the HATHUS FATHER of SON: without which the two previous ones cannot exist because the life of them both is in the HATHUS which is the SON and the SON is the verb and from the SON or about the VERB was written in the Sacred Hebrew Bible: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and nothing that was made without him would have been made. The Word was the beginning of God’s creation.
Of the 998 musical quotations of the HATHUS of the suns and of the 666 musical quotations or notes of the HATHUS of the spheres, only seven musical quotations are detectable to the human ear. The human ear is not made to hear more than seven (7) musical notes known to humankind, these three foundations of the absolute creation: ETHER, COLOR and SON, which is what God is theologically. These (fundamentals) of creation have a cosmic acronym.
. The ETHER its cosmic acronym as void is the letter, KA
which corresponds to the spaces that divide the eleserts (elements) of the
atom. These spaces are called by the atomic science called Kelium fields;
which just as they protect the atom so that they do not explode when the elements collide with each other, they also support the spheres or celestial bodies so that they do not collide and are destroyed and as mass its acronym is the T which is the cross that exists in all nature; because every existing form has within itself a cross even in a sphere the equatorial formation of that sphere forms a cross which is a T.The acronym of the second foundation in the cosmic order which is that of the color or the electron of the atom its acronym is = pi which is the acronym of pyramid which universally represents fire because the electron is fire and fire is represented by the pyramid which is the letter A. The third of these 3 foundations for being the largest of all its acronym is the same COSMOS: and the acronym of the cosmos is zero and the number zero is the letter o the zero and the o is equal is the cosmic sphere. The acronym of the HATHUS or of the VERB which is the SON, being thus the acronym of the foundations of creation:That of the ether K which is: T. That of the COLOR is: A and that of the SON is: O, this sublime and divine word being the simvre (name) of God in scientific form thus:
Being the scientific simvre (name) of GOD = TAO.

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Covid-19 Updates: May 8, 2020

Expert interviews

Stanford professor John Ioannidis explains in an interview with CNN that Covid19 is a „widespread and mild disease“ comparable to influenza (flu) for the general population, while patients in nursing homes and hospitals should receive extra protection.
Stanford professor Scott Atlas explains in an interview with CNN that „the idea of having to stop Covid19 has created a catastrophic health care situation“. Professor Atlas says that the disease is „generally mild“ and that irrational fears had been created. He adds that there is „absolutely no reason“ for extensive testing in the general population, which is only necessary in hospitals and nursing homes. Professor Atlas wrote an article at the end of April entitled „The data are in – Stop the panic and end total isolation“ that received over 15,000 comments.
Epidemiologist Dr Knut Wittkowski explains in a new interview that the danger of Covid19 is comparable to an influenza and that the peak was already passed in most countries before the lockdown. The lockdown of entire societies was a „catastrophic decision“ without benefits but causing enormous damage. The most important measure is the protection of nursing homes. According to Dr. Wittkowski, Bill Gates‘ statements on Covid19 are „absurd“ and „have nothing to do with reality“. Dr. Wittkowski considers a vaccination against Covid19 „not necessary“ and the influential Covid19 model of British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson a „complete failure“.
German virologist Hendrik Streeck explains the final results of his pioneering antibody study. Professor Streeck found a Covid19 lethality of 0.36%, but explains that this is an upper limit and the lethality is probably in the range of 0.24 to 0.26% or even below. The average age of test-positive deceased was approximately 81 years.
Biology professor and Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt, who has been analyzing the spread of Covid19 since February, describes the general lockdown as a „huge mistake“ and calls for more targeted measures, especially to protect risk groups.
The emeritus microbiology professor Sucharit Bhakdi explains in a new German interview that politics and the media have been conducting an „intolerable fear-mongering“ and an „irres­pon­sible disinformation campaign“. According to professor Bhakdi, face masks for the general population are not needed and may in fact be harmful „germ catchers“. The current crisis was brought about by the politicians themselves and has little to do with the virus, he argues, while a vaccine against coronavirus is „unnecessary and dangerous“, as was already the case with swine flu. The WHO has „never taken responsibility for its many wrong decisions over the years“, professor Bhakdi adds. (Note: The video was temporarily deleted by YouTube).
The Swiss chief physician for infectiology, Dr. Pietro Vernazza, explains in a new interview that the Covid19 disease is „mild for the vast majority of people“. The „counting of infected people and the call for more tests“ would not help much. In addition, most of the people listed in the corona statistics did not die solely from Covid-19. According to Dr. Vernazza, there is no evidence for the benefit of face masks in people who do not show symptoms themselves (archive).

Medical studies

A new overview of existing PCR and antibody studies shows that the median value of Covid19 lethality (IFR) is about 0.2% and thus in the range of a strong influenza.
A new antibody study with Danish blood donors showed a very low Covid19 lethality (IFR) of 0.08% for persons under 70 years of age.
A new antibody study from Iran, one of the earliest and most affected countries by Covid19, also showed a very low lethality of 0.08% to 0.12%.
A new antibody study from Japan comes to the conclusion that about 400 to 800 times more people there had contact with the new coronavirus than previously thought, but showed no or hardly any symptoms. Japan had done rather few tests so far.
A new study from Germany, with the participation of leading virologist Christian Drosten, shows that about one third of the population already has some cellular immunity to the Covid19 corona virus, presumably through contact with earlier corona viruses (cold viruses). This cellular immunity by so-called T-cells is significantly higher than PCR and antibody tests suggested and may partly explain why many people develop no symptoms with the new coronavirus.
In a prison in the US state of Tennessee, only two out of 1349 test-positive people showed any symptoms at all.
On the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, none of 1046 test-positive sailors have died so far. On the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, one of 969 test-positive sailors has died so far (preconditions and exact cause of death are not known). This yields a lethality rate of 0 to 0.1% for this population group.
Numerous media reported about alleged „re-infections“ of already recovered persons in South Korea. However, researchers have now come to the conclusion that all of the 290 suspected cases were false-positive test results caused by „non-infectious virus fragments“. The result again highlights the well-known unreliability of PCR virus tests.

Other medical updates

Numerous media reported that in connection with Covid19, more and more children would fall ill with so-called Kawasaki disease (a vascular inflammation). However, the UK’s Kawasaki Disease Foundation issued a press release stating that fewer, not more, Kawasaki cases are currently being reported than usual and that of the few cases reported, only about half had tested positive for corona virus.
In an open letter to the French Ministry of Health, a French doctor speaks of Covid19 as „the biggest health scam of the 21st century“. The danger of the virus for the general population is in the range of influenza and the consequences of the lockdown are more dangerous than the virus itself, the French doctor argues.
In France, it became known during a subsequent investigation that the first Covid19-positive patient had already been treated at the end of December 2019, one month earlier than previously assumed. The man was being treated for what appeared to be flu-related pneumonia. This case shows that the new corona virus either arrived in Europe earlier than assumed, or that it is not as new as assumed, or that the test result was a false-positive. In addition, it is not clear whether the man, who has long since recovered, was actually suffering from flu or corona virus or both.
The Executive Director of the WHO recently praised Sweden as a successful model for handling Covid19. Sweden had implemented its health policy successfully and „in partnership with the population“, he said. Previously, Sweden had been heavily criticized for weeks by foreign media and politicians for its relaxed approach to Covid19.
Belarus, which took the least action against Covid19 of all European countries and did not even cancel major events like soccer matches, is counting only 103 test-positive or suspected Covid19 deaths after more than two months. The Belarusian long-term president Lukashenko called Corona a „psychosis“. Critics argue he is not disclosing the real number of deaths.
An extensive literature review by a Canadian researcher found that face masks do not provide measurable protection against colds and influenza.
A Swiss chief psychiatrist expects a sharp increase in psychological problems and more than 10,000 additional suicides worldwide due to the global lockdown and unemployment.
The so-called reproduction number, which indicates the proliferation of Covid, is increasingly becoming a political issue. However, this does not change the facts: the peak of the spread was already reached in most countries before the lockdown and the reproduction ratio fell to or below the stable value of one due to simple everyday and hygiene measures. The lockdown was therefore epidemiologically unnecessary.
The clinical picture and risk groups of Covid19 corona viruses are probably related to the use of the so-called ACE2 cell receptor, which is found in the bronchi and lungs, but also in blood vessels, the intestines and kidneys. However, other coronaviruses, in particular the common cold virus NL63, also use the ACE2 cell receptor. Some researchers therefore expect that the Covid19 coronavirus, too, will be seen as a typical cold virus in the medium term.
The exact origin of the new corona virus is still unclear. The easiest explanation remains natural transmission or mutation, which happens quite often. It is true, however, that the virological laboratory in Wuhan, as part of a research programme co-financed by the US, studied corona viruses from bats and also examined their transmissibility to other mammals, something that has been criticised for years by some researchers as too risky. The direcotr of the laboratory, however, explained that the new virus did not correspond to the corona viruses investigated in the laboratory. At any rate, earlier rumours about „bioweapons“ or „HIV sequences“ turned out to be disinformation given the relative harmlessness of the corona virus.

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes play an absolutely key role in the current corona situation. In most Western countries, 30% to 70% of all deaths „related to Covid“ occurred in nursing homes (in some regions even up to 90%). It is also known from northern Italy that the crisis there began with a panic-induced collapse of nursing care for the elderly.
Nursing homes require targeted protection and do not benefit from a general lockdown of society. If one looks only at the deaths in the general population, in most countries these are in the range of a normal or even mild wave of influenza.
Moreover, in many cases it is not clear what people in nursing homes really died of, i.e. whether it was Covid19 or stress, fear and loneliness. From Belgium, for example, it is known that about 94% of all deaths in nursing homes are untested „presumed cases“.
A new analysis of French statistics moreover shows the following: as soon as there is a „suspected case“ in a nursing home (e.g. due to coughing), all deaths are considered „suspected Covid19 deaths“, and as soon as there is a „confirmed case“ in a nursing home (even if symptomless), all deaths are considered „confirmed Covid19 deaths“.
A report from Germany vividly describes the extreme conditions under which hundreds of thousands of patients in care and nursing homes have had to live in recent weeks, often against their will. Many of the patients were barely allowed to leave their rooms, were no longer allowed to go out into the fresh air or receive visits from their relatives.
In several nursing homes, the error-prone PCR virus test moreover led to serious false alarms and panic. In one Canadian nursing home, employees fled in fear of the corona virus, resulting in the tragic death of 31 patients due to lack of care.
The former New York Times journalist and Corona critic Alex Berenson writes on Twitter: „Let’s be clear: the fact the nursing home deaths are not front and center every day in elite media coverage of COVID tells you everything you need to know about the media’s priority – which is instilling panic (and punishing Trump), not driving good health policy.“
Full analysis: Mortality associated with COVID-19 outbreaks in care homes: early international evidence (LTC Covid, May 2020)

Deaths in nursing homes, absolute and percentage figures (LTC Covid)

Great Britain

Cumulative all-cause mortality in the UK remains in the range of the five strongest flu waves in the last 25 years. The peak in daily hospital deaths was already reached on April 8 (s. chart below).
New statistical data show that in mid-April, out of about 12,000 additional deaths, about 9,000 were „related to Covid“ (including „suspected cases“), but about 3,000 were „not related to Covid“. Moreover, of the total of about 7300 deaths in nursing homes, only about 2000 were „related to Covid“. In both the „Covid19 deaths“ and the non-covid19 deaths, it is often unclear what these people actually died of. The Association of British Pathologists has therefore called for a „systematic review of the true causes of death“.
The temporary „Nightingale“ hospitals in the UK have so far remained largely empty. A similar situation was already seen in China, the US and many other countries.
At the end of April it became known that the lockdown was apparently not, as officially stated, recommended by a scientific commission alone, but that a high government advisor had „pushed“ the scientists to support the lockdown.
Peter Hitchens: We’re destroying the nation’s wealth – and the health of millions. „If you don’t defend your most basic freedom, the one to go lawfully where you wish when you wish, then you will lose it for ever. And that is not all you will lose. Look at the censorship of the internet, spreading like a great dark blot, the death of Parliament, the conversion of the police into a state militia.“

England: Test-positive deaths in hosptials (NHS)
United States

The latest report from the US CDC shows that the Covid19 hospitalization rate among the over-65s is in the range of strong flu waves. It is slightly higher among 18 to 64-year-olds and significantly lower among those under 18.
Video: A nurse from New York City stated in a dramatic video that New York does „murder“ Covid19 patients by putting them on invasive ventilators and destroying their lungs. The use of the invasive ventilators (instead of oxygen masks) is done „for fear of spreading the virus“. It is „a horror movie“, „not because of the disease, but because of the way it is dealt with“, the nurse explained. Experts have been warning since March against intubation of Covid19 patients.
Dr. Daniel Murphy, the head of emergency medicine at a heavily affected hospital in New York City, recommends a quick end to the lockdown. According to Dr Murphy, the Covid19 wave had already reached its peak on April 7th. Covid19 is a serious matter, but the fear of it is exaggerated, as the vast majority of the population gets at most mildly ill. His biggest concern now is the sharp decline in the care of emergency patients and children due to the lockdown and the widespread fear in the population.
Video: The conservative Project Veritas whistleblower platform spoke with New York funeral home directors who stated that currently Covid is written „on all death certificates“ (of suspected cases), whether there was a test or not. Many people are currently dying at home, and often the exact cause of death is no longer checked. The Covid19 statistics are inflated for political or financial reasons, the directors stated.
The director of the Illinois Department of Health confirmed that even terminally ill people who clearly die of another cause but who test positive for Covid19 virus before or after death are recorded as Covid19 deaths.
Due to the lockdown, 30 million people in the US have already applied for unemployment benefits by the end of April – that is significantly more than the International Labour Office ILO originally assumed for the entire world.
Tesla boss Elon Musk called the California curfews „fascist“. The „forced imprisonment“ of people in their homes violates all their constitutional rights, Musk explained in a telephone conference.
Video: A Wisconsin mother was confronted by police at her home because her children played illegally with neighbor children.
Video: In late April, some photographers were caught in a partial staging of a protest by care workers against anti-lockdown demonstrators. (Read more).


Cumulative deaths since the beginning of the year in Switzerland remain within the range of a normal flu epidemic and far below the strong flu epidemic of 2015 (see graph below). Around 50% of deaths occurred in care and nursing homes.
The Swiss government plans to transform the current corona emergency decrees into a permanent urgent federal law. Most Swiss media have not reported on this far-reaching announcement, or have done so only marginally.
The Swiss Armed Forces began testing an app for contact tracing that is to be introduced on 11 May in collaboration with Google and Apple. Meanwhile, a Swiss „data protection office“ declared: „If the contact tracing app is suitable and necessary, it does not need to be voluntary“.
Various vigils were held on the Swiss Bundesplatz in Berne with around 400 participants who spoke out against restrictions on constitutional rights. The rallies were cleared by the police.
In the context of Covid19 , it was not the long-established Swiss Pandemic Commission that was used, but a newly founded „Covid-19 Task Force“, some of whose members have conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical sector.
Video: „Does the Swiss government belong in prison?“ Swiss journalist Reto Brennwald interviewed the entrepreneur Daniel Stricker, who temporarily fled Switzerland to Sweden in mid-March and strongly criticizes the corona policy of the Swiss government.
A Swiss nurse has written a highly shared article on the current situation. She explains that Swiss hospitals have remained largely empty and in some cases had to furlough staff. She also says it is very unusual to transfer people over 80 years of age to intensive care units because of flu or pneumonia, where they then have to die alone instead of with their families. If this were done, the intensive care units would be overloaded almost every winter. The nurse criticises that most of the media have not sufficiently addressed the recent scientific findings on the rather low overall risk of Covid19.

Cumulative deaths compared to expected deaths, 2010 to 2020 (KW17, BFS/Stotz)
Germany and Austria

According to a leaked protocol of the Austrian Corona Task Force, Chancellor Kurz is said to have demanded in March that the population should be „more afraid“ of infection or death of parents or grandparents. A strategy paper of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior had already become known earlier, which also called for a psychological fear campaign that was indeed implemented by politicians and the media. In retrospect, the question arises as to how many people died as a result of this largely unfounded fear.
An open letter with already about 5000 signatures from people over 64 years of age demands: „Corona: Don’t protect us older people at this price! Let us decide for ourselves!“ For the protection of risk groups, the basic rights of the entire society should not be overridden, the authors argue.
In Austria (and possibly also in other countries) kissing among people in love but not living together is still forbidden. This applies both in public and in one’s own flat, explained the Austrian Minister of Health.
A German lawyer is currently suing in several courts against the government anti-corona measures, as they are „blatantly unconstitutional“.
Videos: In Germany there have recently been several cases of serious police overreach. A young woman was brutally arrested by several police officers while shopping, as she had apparently „got 20cm too close“ to a policewoman. Another woman was instructed by the police at a rally not to hold the German constitution in front of her chest, as this was an „illegal political message“. The organizer of a peaceful rally in Berlin was also arrested in a rather brutal fashion. Even older women were arrested in a disproportionate manner. (Caution: disturbing footage of police violence).

Other updates

The CEO of Youtube announced in an interview at the end of April that video contributions on coronavirus that contradict the guidelines of the WHO or national health authorities will be removed. For example, the video of the two skeptic Californian emergency doctors, which had over five million views, was deleted. Likewise, the interview with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi linked above was at least temporarily removed by Youtube.
In the US magazine The Atlantic, two law professors wrote an article entitled: „Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal. In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.“
Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer and one of the most influential media managers in Germany, calls for a „decoupling from China“ and a strengthening of the transatlantic alliance with the USA in the wake of the Corona crisis.
Washington Post: „The last time the government sought a ‚warp speed‘ vaccine, it was a fiasco“. The 1976 swine flu express vaccination led to paralysis and deaths.
Looking back: Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic. On the rather relaxed handling of the global flu pandemic of 1968 (read more).

Covid-19 and the media
A lot of people are shocked by the dubious and often fear-mongering Covid19 reporting of many media outlets. Obviously, this is not „ordinary reporting“, but classical and massive propaganda, as it is typically employed in connection with wars of aggression or alleged terrorism.
SPR has depicted the media networks responsible for the dissemination of such propaganda in earlier infographics for the USA, for Germany and for Switzerland. Even the supposedly „open“ Internet lexicon Wikipedia is an integral part of this geopolitical media structure.
The political stance and relationship to power of different media outlets have been analyzed and compared as part of the SPR Media Navigator. The Media Navigator may also be helpful in evaluating the current Covid19 reporting by different media outlets.
If, for example, pictures of soldiers in protective suits disinfecting entire streets are seen on television, this does not prove the danger of the corona virus, but rather – as Professor Giesecke put it benevolently – proves useless „political activism“. Or as others would put it: propaganda.
Covid-19 and mass surveillance
By far the most significant and, from a civil society perspective, the most dangerous development in response to the coronavirus is the apparent political attempt to massively expand mass surveillance and control of society. In this context, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned of the emergence of an „architecture of oppression“.
The flu-like coronavirus may serve as a rationale or pretext for the introduction of strategic measures to expand monitoring and control of an increasingly uneasy society. The most important instruments currently under discussion by several governments include:

The introduction of applications for „tracing“ contacts across society
The establishment of units to enforce the tracing and isolation of citizens
The introduction of digital biometric ID cards to control and regulate participation in social and professional activities.
The extended control of travel and payment transactions (including the abolition of cash).
The creation of a legal basis for access to and intervention in citizens‘ biological systems by governments or corporations (based on so-called „compulsory vaccinations“).

In the US, former President Bill Clinton discussed the introduction of a national network of „contact tracers“ with governors of various states in April. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, then announced that together with billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, he would create a „contact tracing army“ with up to 17,000 contact tracers for New York.
Meanwhile, in the UK and many other countries, governments are calling for the introduction of biometric „immunity passports“ and presenting them as the allegedly „only way out“ of the primarily politically motivated lockdown. The British Tony Blair Institute called for the „expansion of technological surveillance“ to „combat the corona virus“.
In the US, the Silicon Valley data analysis company Palantir is to play a key role in setting up the data platform for monitoring the (already declining) spread of the corona virus. Palantir is known for its IT projects with intelligence agencies and the military and was founded by US billionaire and Trump supporter Peter Thiel.
In Israel, contact monitoring of the civilian population is carried out by the domestic intelligence service Shin Bet, using programs from the notorious NSO Group, known for its spy software used to monitor civil and human rights activists around the world.
Countries like Russia and China also want to massively expand the surveillance of the population in the wake of the alleged „corona crisis“, but will most likely do so independently of the US.
The idea that a pandemic can be used to expand control of the population is not new: as early as 2010, the American Rockefeller Foundation described a „lock step scenario“ in a report on future technological and social developments, in which current events were anticipated with impressive accuracy (pages 18ff). At the time, the scenario was conceived as a kind of authoritarian „worst case“.
Meanwhile, more than 500 scientists have warned in an open letter against „unprecedented surveillance of society“ through contact tracking apps.
The so-called Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University, which is at the heart of the Covid19 pandemic management and which has contributed greatly to the global escalation through its misleading charts, is also very closely linked to the US security apparatus and has been involved in some of its earlier simulations and operations.
In general, cooperation with private actors to achieve geostrategic goals is not a new or unusual phenomenon in US foreign and security policy.
For instance, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the most important private sponsor of the WHO, the vaccine industry and biometric ID projects, financed a Global Health Program of the US Council on Foreign Relations as early as 2003, which is concerned with the question of how health policy influences geopolitics and, conversely, how health policy can be used to achieve geostrategic goals.

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Recipe and Recommendations to Prevent and Cure Covid-19 (With Weights.)

Venerable Master Samael Joav Bathor Weor, Venerable Arkangel Miguel says:
The treatment is as follows: 5 wells of 15 grams of ginger are taken daily and it is due to this that cypress pine or fir seeds are added to the cooking, those that are like a pineapple but that are tender or when they are still green , tender, squishy, about 10 or 15 grams should be added to the cooking with the ginger it starts to cook, after cooking it liquefies well liquefied and this is filtered, then it is added about 30 grams of aloe glass, Blend again, and sweeten with honey and take 5 wells per day warm, well sweetened with honey.
From this same they can give children in a smaller quantity, half a glass three times a day depending on their age, if they are baby children then they will give 6 tablespoons every 2 hours.
They are required to eat plenty of garlic, not fried or cooked but raw, in salt meals, and if they can take one capsule of garlic in the morning and another in the afternoon, it is excellent.
Vapors to the face with deep inhalations, three times a day that are cooked from 30 grams of gaque leaves, which must be ground or liquefied in the cooking water; 90 grams of liquefied orange peel in this same cooking, 10 grams of frailejón leaves and 10 grams of the root of a plant called arnica also add honey or panela to this.
From this they make new cooking for each day and this is to make the vapors to the face with inhalation, that is, the inhalation is:
That takes the air, these vapors are covering the head with a towel so that the steam from the pot makes the face, and moistens a cloth to clean the face with water to the climate with that cloth, it is a kind of sauna to the face with inhalation .
With the same cooking as above, you should moisten handkerchiefs and then squeeze them a bit so that they are not dripping and put them at night in the resting place as a kind of air freshener.
It is good to have a sun bath per day for at least 20 days, after the sun bath you should take two glasses of orange juice, in this juice you must have liquefied the bagasse that remains in the strainer in the same juice, well liquefied as liquefied as possible.
It is essential that they keep the quarantine in its entirety and that when they go out into the street they cover themselves with masks and they leave, hopefully from the family only and exclusively one person to what is essential; And if there is someone who is encouraged that can bring them food much better, so that they do not offer risk of contagion to other people or to themselves.
Wash your hands at least every 30 minutes with soap and disinfect the house periodically, you can disinfect with orange juice by liquefying the peel of the orange, if it is tangerine liquefying the peel of the tangerine and with a glass of this liquefied preparation, you can add a gallon of water and with this they can be well filtered with a spray spray in the environment and try to clean the environment or the environment of things with this same preparation.
Take two wells per day of boldo cooking adding the juice of 2 lemons to each well. They must also liquefy the lemon seed and waste in the boldo and take it, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
The boldo used in the two wells should be 6 or 8 grams. Clarification: The lemon should not liquefy the peel only the seeds and what remains in the strainer when removing the juice.
With honeycomb honey in honeycomb, but that the honeycomb is black or that it is a honeycomb that has been used in the hive for a long time, and that this black, the white is good but the black contains propolis, royal jelly and other number of components; This is why it is required to be a black honeycomb, which is a honeycomb that has been used for several times or years within the hive, and the wax has been capturing nutrients that are vital to health. So of this type of honeycomb, consume at breakfast and dinner that should be sweet preferably, consume between 30 and 40 grams at each meal, it is necessary to chew very well, and if it is the case mix with whole wheat bread and eat the black wax from this honeycomb.
At bedtime you eat a teaspoon of bee pollen with jelly, it is not the granulated pollen that they commonly sell, it is the pollen that the bees introduced into the hive and it is deposited inside the honeycomb alveoli, you can eat it with everything and honeycomb well chewed at bedtime, this entire treatment is up to 15 days after being fully encouraged. This pollen with jelly can be obtained in any beekeeping company, but it is not pollen mixed with the jelly, but pollen that the bees have deposited inside the combs, because they add another amount of components; tartaric acid, organic and other elements that are required to fight the virus and that there is an immediate recovery. Then get this medicine and anything I can help with I am ready to contribute whatever is necessary.
In the case of pregnant women they can do this same recipe, but they cannot take boldo with lemon, for pregnant women they do not take boldo with lemon. In their replacement they must take pineapple juice in which they liquefy 2 grams of bee pollen. And in the case of the elderly woman that they are indicating to me, there is no problem in taking warm drinks, on the contrary that helps her to have a quicker healing and recovery, warm drinks that are not hot but are warm like milk heat. There is no problem in what the elderly Eva was given or is taking, it is good that she is given mushroom cooking, they can be Portobello mushrooms, they can be Zetas, they can be mushrooms as long as they are edible , cooking these mushrooms, and get a seaweed called Chlorella, consume between 5 and 7 grams per day, it can be liquefied in some juice, it can be in some soup or in any of the foods. This is the indication to your Mercedes and by the way the other Taoists can also take it, it is good that those who can have these medicines at home have them at hand, in case at any time any complication of this kind occurs immediately move forward with this treatment, so as not to give absolutely any time to this virus, which, as your scholars already know, has killed more than 50,000 people in the world of what the states say, because they know that governments almost never tell the truth .
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The Truth Will Make Us Free, Master SAMAEL JOAV BATHOR WEOR

that is satan ACCORDING TO March 24 of the year 2020, Tuesday
Venerable Master Samael Joav Bathor Weor, Venerable Arkangel Miguel says:
Venerable Master Machola greets you his servant Samael Joab Bathor Weor, dear people of God, Venerable Master Kelium Zeus beloved father, where your mercy may God protect me so take care and bless me, give him longevity, give him wisdom and well-being, his people from whom he takes his voice wishes him the best for his mercy, and his blessings are above all his sons and daughters, beings of the people of God in general.
His servants, Samael Joab Bathor Weor, speaks to his mercies, the servant of the living God towards his mercies, the first-born son of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus and of our Mother Aphrodite; Dear brothers who were born from my mother’s bosom, I also send to your mercies my words of love and affection and to all the people of God, in the same way to my nephews and nieces and to the other relatives of this servant to everyone, and to all of God’s people in general, and to all who hear these words anywhere on earth. I bring to your mercies the strength of God the strength of his angels and the strength of his armies that are in defense of the good and the people of God.
I send my words even to traitors and traitors so that they know that this their servant is ready by the people of God and ready to defend the cause of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, in the field that is necessary and in the conditions that are required and in ways that perhaps have not even reached their heads yet, because they know their mercies that this work is from God and not from men, this work was sent to build by the Kreador of all things and not by ordinary men and currents; and the proof of that is all the things that the Venerable Master Macholad is saying, that they are not ravings that are not inventions they are realities that saw his eyes and that saw my eyes in this return, and that saw the eyes of many others , and that this paladin whom you traitors wanted to crush, but that I have not come to knock down the creatures or knock them down but to raise them, and more to the Soldiers of the living God, who although they have errors like all humans but that they carry within yes the seed, the light and the teaching that our beloved Master Kelium Zeus over the decades engraved in the genes of this man named Macholad. And that some of you in a threatening and intimidating way wanted to bend it and almost succeeded, to put it on the side of your treasonous and deceitful acts. And this under the threat of a sanction to expel him from the people of God, and with his words supposedly throw him into hell; That constitutes a constraint and a detriment to the people of God that is over, because I repeat to you again traitorous bandits who raise false testimonies, saying that I persecute my father to harm him in his physical integrity, which is an absolute lie, and that you unfortunate traitors to the people with whom you communicate have continued to put that poison in their heads, saying that I am a scapula and that I am a criminal and evil beast, and that you have continued to do so and that you continue to even generate threats against some of the forms of the people of God, and that they have continued saying that I am a thief and that I am a criminal, and that they have continued their infernal plans trying to mount an industry parallel to the industry of the work of God. The lying story was or one of the lying stories was, that I was keeping the percentages that belong to my father from the industry of the work of God, which is a total and absolute lie, and know that when I say Something is because I have the evidence to be able to demonstrate it and verify it, because as the Master said when I once heard him say: They don’t come to blow my face with lies. I tell you exactly the same, you do not come to blow my face with lies and falsehoods, deceiving the people of God, and this that I am saying you will have to bear for years, unfortunate traitors, enemies of souls.
And everything I have said to you is not yet everything, because there are many other things that I have not said yet, but if you have the audacity to continue and try again to attack the people of God as you were doing, I will have to to say all the other things that I know and that I have a way of showing that they have been done and said by you; And that’s why I tell you, people of God, you have to be alert. Because currently when technology exists, they cannot necessarily poison a creature’s head by broadcasting on the station, on Tao tv, or by conventional splicing, there are currently antisocial networks being used by these traitorous criminals and bandits, to silently try to regroup with his minions, to continue on the wrong path they were leading.
But we this one that Samael Joab Bathor Weor speaks to you and the people of God, we will be alert and pending so that the wicked do not return to make their lair as they had it, and I clarify for them; the means of communication, the connection thread that is used to continue doing what they were doing, intimidating and threatening the people of God, and continuing with their conspiracy of crimes, these connections will be suspended and the teams where that type comes out will be cremated of communication, and I request and demand from all the beings of the Great Vegetable Temple Sakro Akuarius that if any communication reaches them by any means, they are not authorized to publish it before the one who is speaking to them Samael Joab Bathor Weor authorizes it, whoever this is clear from. And in the same way I say it to the station or stations of the work of God, because if they believe that I am letting my guard down with this, they are wrong, and it is not that I am going to create a gag system like they had it for me, but it turns out that the traitors are not going to have space within the people of God to be finishing it and to be diminishing the people from the sources as it was happening.
Because I clarify you traitors, the people of God are not stupid and they knew the doctrine of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, and precisely that doctrine increased the consciousness of the people of God and they began to account for all the miscreants and the deformations that you they were doing doctrine; even taking internet doctrines and demonic doctrines that have nothing to do with the doctrine of God, to present them as the new form of the doctrine, because because as your partner called or who was called copies said and the plagiarist who was attending, he came out with another lie, saying this bandit: that the time of the Masters had passed and that this was another time, and the one who was attending him giving testimony a lying testimony that in the time of the teachers no cameras had been confiscated Nor teams of any kind, this poor plagiarist liar who said she was telling him that, was wanting to put in front of the face of the whole world a lie to the people of God, a lie that was already intolerable. Because it was a lie to everyone’s face. That lie that this had not happened was a total falsehood, it was the maximum impudence, because all the lies that these unfortunate plagiarists invented believed themselves, and began to provide them to the people of God, and they wanted to continue lying to him head-on in that filthy and sowish way, and this is being said by Samael Joab Bathor Weor no other. And as I told you; If you want to throw me into hell, make sure that this is my house, I am not afraid of you, but be sure, and there I am going to drag you by the worst sewers and the worst dens of the abyss to you hapless plagiarists, who rose up against our beloved Master Kelium Zeus and betrayed even him. That surely will not go unpunished, make it clear to all of you.
And I say Venerable Master Macholad, your mercy can speak as long as you want, because the time of the gag is over, that is over, you can speak as long as you deem appropriate because your words pour the pure wisdom that Master Kelium Zeus put in your bowels, and that with the facts that his eyes saw, he recorded in his grace the lived knowledge that his grace emits from his throat, so that the wisdom of God is not to be covered, but to be emitted to the people of God. The time of the gag is over and the time of the teachers of Master Kelium Zeus, of Mother Aphrodite, and the time of those who gave birth to this doctrine on earth, and that his mercy was among the apostles because he was stationed, returned again. He was not only a disciple, he was an apostle and he continues to be an apostle with knowledge of the cause of this doctrine, so that teacher can continue to delight the people of God with his words, because the time of the gag is over and this one that is here is ready for fight against whoever wants to return that time again. Do not forget you plagiarists that I am ready to fight in the field that is necessary for the people of God and in defense of the work of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, of our Mother Aphrodite who is Taoism; that you plagiarists were wanting to annihilate and were beginning to do so, because the sources had been diminished not because doctrine was given online, but because you were destroying souls, and if you want me to tell you how at some point I am going to tell you, and I am going to present to you how they were doing it, in such a way that it ended because in God’s people I will not allow it to be finished by plagiarists who were put to serve God and who got drunk with power and soon with the money, and they became treacherous pillages against the people of God. Then Master Macholad this people what you need is wisdom, these traitors made war on the ancients because the ancients taught precisely the living example of what Master Kelium Zeus did, but since these traitors did not want it and wanted to rewrite history, and there were people who came to believe that it was that these bandits Luis Cárdenas and others with the symbols they were given were those who had elaborated the doctrine and brought it to earth, and who in their prayers asked for the Master Kelium Zeus, for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the Mother Aphrodite, they began to make war in the temple and they began to harass them and later they were sanctioned and they were excluded, because they asked in their supplications and prayed in the symbol of our beloved Master Kelium Zeus.
Because it was a destructive plan in which people had to pray, it was already those who became plagiarists and the beings they gave them are beings of light are beings of good, but those beings abandoned them a long time ago, because they realized that their bodies were perverted and left by a cliff. Cliff by which they were leading the people of God, closing sources, reducing the flock in each of them, sanctioning and doing all kinds of things contrary to doctrine, the goal is that the doctrine has many more people, not that it has less, that it has many sources full of creatures, not that it has less.
So this servant Samael Joab Bathor Weor had to introduce myself again so that these wolves would not continue swallowing the sheep of the people of God, and the most unfortunate plagiarizing even our own father the venerable and sublime being that brought this doctrine to the earth, and that he brought this one who is speaking to the face of the earth, to fight for doctrine. But these hapless ones made up the story that I had voted and abandoned the doctrine and believed it; and surely they said: No, we are going to start attacking him directly and since he no longer cares about the doctrine then he is not going to seem to say anything. As it turns out, you got shot in the butt, because you deceived yourselves with your own lies.
So Venerable Master Macholad has the freedom to continue speaking what he deems appropriate as long as he wants, because what this people needs is that doctrine, and historical doctrine of what he lived with the Venerable Masters of what he lived with us when we built the doctrine on the face of the earth, the Taoist doctrine. Because we speak with authority with knowledge of the cause, not with the lies of the supposed Esparwel when she justified and said that she knew that in the time of the teachers no equipment had ever been seized from any person, it turns out that not only were they seized they tore apart they burned to pieces, and that was done by Master Kelium Zeus and others by his command and by our orders. And then those teams that had been destroyed were paid were canceled, but that was not the result of an act of psychopathy No gentlemen, I already said once or sometimes and I repeat it, it turns out that Arturo uses a monk who was a photo was taken at the entrance of the temple while he was mounted on a dump truck unloading stones and some other things to build the temple, when that monk went to Antioquia to his house, a hitman on a bicycle approached took a photo he looked and then he unsheathed a weapon and murdered him, the same happened with Pedro Díaz Granados, the same happened with many other Jesús Mercedes, the oldest remember them but the new ones do not know it, because they wanted to present them with a totally different story from the real one, in the which the ancient monks as some plagiarist once said were rotten, but it turns out that the rotten were the traitors, and as Master Kelium Zeus said their hearts are rotten potties ll evil. And that some, as the Master said, bless me on the phone, but it turns out that they are the same ones who say that I am a damn and that this is not an invention, those who said that now want to reconstruct their facts saying other things, and believe This one who speaks to them is a fool who believes what they are doing, when everyone knew that these characters spoke, it was poisonous and toxic garbage from long ago, the result of the poisoning of their souls.
Dear people of God, let us remember that we were each passing to say, not to speak ill of anyone; but yes to say what their eyes had seen with which they were making me the gag, and the way of trying to destroy in the psyche of their mercies God’s people the credibility that in this his servant Michael had his mercies, with a form filthy pig and dirty waging war from all possible flanks, we have not finished that, do not forget those who have not spoken, that it still continues it has not stopped, and at some point we will establish schedules in which your Mercedes can keep going to keep saying what they saw and what their Mercedes suffered in this regard. Because it turns out that the traitors and those who believed in them still do not believe that this was happening and they believe that everything that happened for more than 6 years is an invention of mine, so they have to continue happening because at the moment that our beloved Master Kelium Zeus, as he offered, will make forgiveness, only those who have already spoken will pass, it does not mean that they have to invent things, those who do not have to say it are not, because we do not have to invent anything just say what corresponds and what their eyes saw. Because I am frank with you, I Samael Joab Bathor Weor had humanly perceived the vast majority of all these things, but there are some that I could not realize. Realmente lo que hizo esta plaga es más de lo que pensamos. So there are no excesses of their testisierto, so keep them in mind that at any moment I am going to tell you at what hours of the day this work will continue, because we need to know the truth, the truth will set us free and the truth must be told in our favor or against us, but it must be said because the truth is the truth. Y mucho más en este caso, porque necesitamos todos conocer los hechos para no dejarnos engañar y para que no sean borregos el pueblo de Dios. Thank you dear beings, and then let Venerable Machola continue and if you suddenly want them to read these words again, you can do so, and I clarify them, Samael Joav Bathor Weor has said. And it is more authoritative that they be sent to the beings of the people of God by the way they wish and consider it convenient.
To the Venerable Master Macholad, his mercy said that at some point with my words I could suddenly tell the people of God regarding the biological weapon that they elaborated against my being, I will gladly do so when necessary, but I tell you; They were 17 years of terrible suffering, I confess dear beings, I am a creature of great faith but I came to think of some opportunities that the life that God and my father and mother had given me would escape from my body. And I asked some being at some moment that if life were to leave my body they could draw my blood so that they could extract the virus that had been applied to me and be able to use it against the enemies of the work of God. But thank you to my father, Master Kelium Zeus, thank you to God and thank you to other beings who will know it someday. I was able to overcome that, but it was 17 years with fevers that lasted months and terrible things, my body lost many kilos, it was a weapon specifically designed to take my life, but the greatness of God is infinite and we are still alive. So I said yesterday that we were ready to fight the coronavirus because the people of God had faced biological weapons, chemical weapons, bacteriological weapons, and that his server defeated one of the deadliest chemical weapons on my own My body almost cost me my life, but life is still very grateful to GOD. Go ahead dear people of GOD.
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