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Let`S Protect The Temple!

Let`S Protect The Temple!

  Dear sisters and brothers of the TRUE TAO JEW PEOPLE May the light be on your paths and as warriors filled with courage let us be defenders of THE VEGETAL TEMPLE SAKROAKUARIUS, a doctrinary patrimony for  all of us. At this opportunity it is necessary to send a...

The Sexual Energy

By people of normal sexuality we mean those who have no sexual conflict of any kind. Sexual energy is divided into three types: - First: the energy that is related to the reproduction of the race and the health of the physical body in general. - Second: the energy...

Life consequences of blood adultery

Life consequences of blood adultery

The creatures that fell into this crime have to pay the crime of suicide because no matter how encouraged they are at the moment, if they knew that marrying with uncoupling bloods was a crime; they have to pay the karma of suicide, because generally, the creatures...

What is Tao?

It is for my being: KELIUM ZEUS a boldness to promise you; oh my good readers that I will give you a perfect answer to the greatest of the questions that have ever arisen from the dwellers of the earth. A question that surpasses the resonance of the echo of the...

Question about Martial Arts

Question about Martial Arts

Question from Luis Urrutia "Good day venerable, may the peace, light and wisdom of our father and of our venerable masters be always with your mercy, and may god fill you every day with more wisdom, of which each one of us, may we be able to continue on this beautiful...

Fruits Source of Life

Fruits Source of Life

Within the Taoist doctrine we practice preventive medicine through food, being true that being vegetarians we prevent many diseases, but there is no security that we do not run the risk of suffering them, that is why we have to be clear on the best way to feed...

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